Congragulation Shemy B Upon Releasing #StreetIdentity The Album

Even Though i missed the event due to many reasons and somewhat conflicting, the #StreetIdentity Album release was a success with a few challenges according to a source. READ HERE FOR THE WHOLE STORY
The event took place on 28 Aug 2015 at Swagger Loungein Luzira which has become somewhat a home for hiphop headz lately.

Shemy B is a young luga flow artist and  the host of the weekly hiphop night at swagger Lounge every Wednesday which has been a successful trend among hiphop lovers especially The hiphop Family a facebook group which talks hiphop.


Promo Poster for the Street Identiy Release

The event was graced by a number of hiphop artists such as St Nelly Sade a self proclaimed and publically accepted story teller, The Sphynx(Femcee), Akongo(singer) and entirely the Portbell Drive Music team which has taken part in most of Shemy’s tracks production. NASE AVATAR of Portbell Drive Music was in attendence as well.

I would love to Congragulate Shemy B for this effort and also all the artists(hiphop or not) that attended and offered support to the young emcee who is known for his energy while performing. And a special thanks to Swagger Lounge for the continued support for the hiphop battles every wednesday. And not to forget all the Fans who make it happen!


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