Pryce Teeba releases Side Zeno Video right after having Us dance to Ccupa

This year so far so good has seen Pryce Teeba flourish through his endeavors to continue defining his come up with quality music as a luga flow artist. Before his mixtape drops he has finally dropped the long anticipated video for Side zeno (audio produced by Baru beatz at Dustville Records) as many have hopefully been waiting to watch, after the teaser proved its a must watch.

The club banger that had many vibe and gravitate to now officially has a video. I must warn you! Its an amazing video incase you having doubts and for Ugandan hiphop lover this is a plus you wont atleast be dissapointed.


Screen shot from side zeno

Not only did this Ntinda representative( for he hailes Ntinda) release the music video he also accompanied it with another single off his mixtape Kambajulire. The new single is titled Ccupa, which is actually another danceable tune.

Side Zeno – Pryce Teeba:

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