Tha C.y.P.h.A – Bon.B, NuveySHAWN, Golddust, Anonymous(G2 Complex), AJO(CBM) & I-M Music

Tha CyPhA is a collaborative project  produced and directed by Mento-X, real names Mugarura Denis Robinson of G2 Complex and he introduces  Bon-B, NuveySHAWN, Gold Dust and Annonymous all from G2 Complex, AJO (Clean Block Music) and I-M Music’s producers Delaru and Kodan whose first appearance as rappers is documented by this cypher. The project released March 26 at 8:33pm  is a representative of the hoods the various contributors to the raw and edgy sound that Mento-X took charge to materialize into something. In the order of appearance the emcees Bon-B(Kititantale), NuveySHAWN(Luzira/Biina), Delaru(Mutungo), AJO(Mbuya/Mutungo), Gold Dust(Kitintale), Kodan(Mutungo) and Anonymous(kitintale) show off their lyrical dexterity and give a glimpse of their hunger and unheard voices.

I-M Music’s out fit (Delaru and Kodan) explore their Itesot flow complemented with Swahili and english to give their sound a distinctive marker and an indicator of diversity for the total project all together. AJO and Gold Dust take the hyper angry route showing their hoods energies lyrically. Bon-B and NuveySHAWN (also a blogger here) take the calm but insightful take which is re-echoed by Anonymous (who doubles as a manager of G2 Complex and has worked with a number of producers including Andy Music, Notsy) as a wrap up of the main intention the project was in the first place thought of.

“Redefinition with a motion”

G2 Complex has projects in maturing like the Video to Tha Cypha set to be released in around 15 April and NuveySHAWN who is wrapping up with his SHAWNESDAY compilation a follow-up to his Debut Mixtape TSN. AJO (From Clean Block Music) who is a good college to the Complex artists is set to release his EP No apologies in May of this year, which is a follow-up to Rap Music I Sing a mixtape that featured Hannz Tactiq, Lethal, OPU and others. Bon-B and Gold Dust have unreleased projects.

Tha C.y.P.h.A is well packaged with a crisp taste of clear and informative messages embedded in the voices of these rappers who hope to dominate respectfully and are so distinct in their approach as they deliver.

Kitintale, Luzira and the dominant Mutungo will be hopefully represented appropriately just like Rubaga, Bukoto and Ntinda.


@NuveySHAWN celebrates one year of The SunSet N’counter Mixtape and born day with ‘Poetry Isn’t Misery’ snippet

It is one year today since  The SunSet N’counter Mixtape was released by  NuveySHAWN  aka Ayella N. Robert (Chief Blogger here at NuveyLIVE, poet, occasional rapper and Teacher) on his birthday last year 28-02-2015 which served as his Debut tape and introduction to recording music for a wider audience. The mixtape had one successful single R.H.O.D.A. STATE which got its first spin on MisterDeejay’s Saturday Mix Show on Radiocity 97 FM. The tape according to SHAWN “was more of an experimental project which had him experiment and experience with different sounds including classic Pop, Rock and other all fused to form the body of work.”

The mixtape commonly hash-tagged by him as #TSN had 16 tracks including the Outro,  Inner View which is actual  interview with his long-term friend Anonymous that was never theorized actually actually inspired later on the formation of NuveyLIVE and the podcast HUL.

TSN was also a point NuveySHAWN was proving to himself and this explains  why he released the work on his birthday , which to him was celebrating growth in all spheres of his life and therefore to show a continuous growth and development he released a teaser or snippet of Poetry Isn’t Misery. The snippet is part of the SHAWNESDAY project which is a compilation of 85 % spoken word performances or poetic tracks. He first performed this poem about four months ago at a Poetry Night at Makerere University’s Art Gallery which i watched him perform vibrantly and of course we were surprised that he put out a snippet today.

The poem that in synced with punk-rock influenced and inspired sounds from the instruments is uniquely a new sound you will expect from SHAWN and therefore this might be an indicator of completion of  SHAWNESDAY : My Evenings With You Compilation or #SMEWY.


Download Link (2.2 mbs)

LYN101: Why isn’t poetry so much consumed by People?

Poetry is a form of literature that uses rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition in place of the prosaic ostensible meaning. Poetry or its devices reflect so much in many songs out there, and hip hop music and poetry share similar qualities often. Many rappers employ poetic devices such as imagery to deliver their messages. It’s a class of literature consisting of  poems in different forms such as sonnets, Lyric, free verse and more. William Wordsworth has it as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.(preface to lyrical Ballads)

Poetry can be differentiated according to Genres:

  • -epic
  • -comic
  • -tragic

First things first, before one consumes, appreciates Something, they have to love it, be exposed to it, inspired to/ by it, it has to have an effect (positively). People are not supposed to be forced to like, love, appreciate something Just like a Rose azalea( flower), it has to come about naturally.
A case in point is one cannot fall for someone they do not know, it has to be someone they have known for quite a while not just out of the blue.
Same goes for poetry, i would not love it for anything if am not exposed just as early. True!, people learn too but if they are inspired and informed about what they are missing, only then can they give an ear/eye. It is passion that drives someone to do something, just like reading, writing anything poetic or to do with poetry. It comes about naturally!
An all time saying “You cannot have everything” so does it apply “you cannot love everything.”  & “One man’s meat is another mans poison.”

So why is poetry not so much consumed by people?

It Has a lot  to do with the passion, love, drive, will, exposure, Education. People love music, why dont they go to clubs just like others do… simple “choice” reverse that.

  • Exposure: if one is not exposed as earlier to anything(Poetry) , one wont turn 90 for them to love it, the earlier the better. If people were really exposed to poetry and encouraged to like it as early as possible (about 7 years), chances are so high they decide on whether or not to follow or go for it, One learns, appreciates, loves, and supports if they are exposed. The world we live in today is “money minded”, people care so much to know whether or not a penny would be thrown in their pants after relating with an art form like poetry. Question in point “Why waste my ink, strain my eyes, after all their is  no benefit” This is where principality calls for Principles count here.
  • Education too plays a major role. Some people are lucky to be taught poetry in schools, if others don’t get the same chance, t counts y they don’t consume poetry even after school. Talk about the topics to be covered “mob or small” to others it counts, some don’t like reading long pieces of work.
  • laziness. Some people are just lazy when it comes  to reading, naturally people don’t really hope to read long pieces. Minor as it may seem, poetry is not consumed because some poems are such a bore, ” yes, like others may say, one mans meat……” So why would  they continue appreciating poetry if what they read was a bore to them. At least that’s what they think.

NOTE: Poetry centuries ago was performed in front of audiences and it was more of a listening part than it is right now. The influences of education sort of limited it to the written form which to many “its a bore”.

There are few poetry nights in the country, but the few that take place happen at Uganda National theater, Gatto Matto, and other places.

CONNECT WITH US: Send us a poem today, written or recited in audio or video we will review it and share it.

Article by: Lyn Mugisha Originally Posted on our old Blog


Download ‘Yudah’ by Bantu Clan + Lyrics




Yo Nase,

Snares digiwulila mu headphones,

Ok nkufunye,

Bantu Clan The Tribe….

“Portbell Drive Music”


Mpuinye kunkyo,


Sawa ikuminhandala ku mavivi nfukamile nsabye

Esaala nsabye ya kumbisa mulunhaku

Kibumba andhogomolele emikisa mbite mu lunhaku luno

Ensi ekyuuse inho buti tikagitegela nze

Eyali etambula eti buti etambula etyo etyo

Abaali bebisa bulungi buti twebisa tutyo tutyo

Abantu bakyuka emitima gyagotanha

Nha abafuzi bakyuka ila emitima buti emitima gya nsolo

Akaliwo ke batwala nha ak’omunhaku kebalingiliza

Obugubuze busuise nho okweyawula mu mawanga

Obuwangwa tubusuile nhe enhonho twadivaku

Amayinha twagakyusa buti tweyeta ga ki colonial

Colonial enslavement twesibile mundowooza dhaibwe

Aghe “ekibi bwekisuika ku kibi bantu bange nha abasooka

When the worse comes to worst my people come first


It’ so crazyyyy

It’s so crazyyy yeehh

eh eh ehhhh

Zvandishamisa inini

Vatadza kurara

Vatadza kuzorora aahhh aahh….


Munha Musalwa “Wanji” Nha abeekika nhabataila

Mitima gya ndhaaba nze mbatya “Bwo lumpaiza”

Ndhidukila Gasitafasi bwe yasibula obwensi

Abaise ‘Igaga bakunganha okuwelekela omwoyo gwe

Yasiga ensigo inha edha ‘ibululamu abaana banha

Rose, Jane, Willy nho omukulu Eriya

EMitima egitasiima abolugandha ekiibi kya balya

Willy yalaga obusiiwufu ku lumbe lwa laata ‘ibwe

Obusika abwenze nhe eyitaka lye Eriya alyendha

Ente dho yadibawo nhe ekilamo kya ‘agema agho

Ye eweela kulwaaza Eriya, Munha obonha olugandha

Aboluganda beita, abe ‘emikwanho beita, Abasilamu beita

Nhi mumadhinhi biliyo

“Aghe” ekibi bwekisuika ku kibi bantu bange ……………

Ekibi bwekisuika ku kibi bantu bange nha abasooka

When the worse comes to worst my people come first


It’ so crazyyyy

It’s so crazyyy yeehh

eh eh ehhhh

Zvandishamisa inini

Vatadza kurara

Vatadza kuzorora aahhh aahh….


Obunhanfusi busuise mu bantu be tuba nhabo

Nhi Yezu Kristo omwanha gha Katondha

Gwe ya menhela ku kagaati ken he yamulyamu olukwe

Ni Petero ya mwegaanha ku saawa envainhuma

Bwe yakokolima emilundi esaatu ya mweganhilagho

Omwanha timwuidhi, nze Yezu timwuidhi, ebya Katondha tibidhi

Nha Amazima tigaidhi

Lwaki bwe tugwa mubizibu abaantu batweganha

Mu masaanhu baaba nhi ‘ife, mu buzibu baatwesamba

Mbu ebya Kaisali bya Kaisali, obonha abantu

Abantu beefula, abantu bakyuka, abantu bagubaila emitima gya’afuuka gya nsolo

Baidha baseeka nhi ighe kumbe bakulila mundha

Bali otise ki ndighulila ekyekweka mu kidhuuma

“Aghe” ekibi bwekisuika ku kibi bantu bange ……………

Ekibi bwekisuika ku kibi bantu bange nha abasooka

When the worse comes to worst my people come first


It’ so crazyyyy

It’s so crazyyy yeehh

eh eh ehhhh

Zvandishamisa inini

Vatadza kurara

Vatadza kuzorora aahhh aahh….


It’s… soooo craazzyyyy

It’s… soooo craazzyy ehhh

Ehhh eehh yeahhh

Vatadza kurara ahhh

Yeahhhh eeehhhh

[Lyrics Source: Bantu Clan Blog]


NEW MUSIC: Kitints Major By G2-COMPLEX( Bon B, Gold Dust, Mento-X)

Kitints Major, is a new single from G2_Complex, a music label and studio at the same time. The members got Together to make this new song to represent their hood, Kitintale (kitints) a Kampala suburb. They speak of their grind and love for the hood they are from, with Mento-X(in House Producer) on the hook as Bon B and Gold Dust drop their verses. Kitints Major was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Mento-X at G2_Complex. Mento-X says they are not working on  an album yet but are making more music and revealed a new project, that is due to come out probably next month.


This track sets that feel good situation when you listen to it, good for a long day break and it is relate-able, as these rappers spit with a confident strode worth the listen. Try it and more of their music. Visit their Website  or Download More Music Here

Click To Listen:

Written By: Mugisha Lyn

TWITTER:  NuveyLive

Facebook:  NuveyLive