‘Silent Depression’ to screen 19 March at the Amakula International Film Festival

The wonderful spoken word piece that was written and performed by Malcom has so far broken a number of borders for Nes Motion Media  and the Ghetto Film Project. It stars a number of Hip Hop acts like Tushi Polo, Agee, and a number of individuals that associate with the cause, Ghetto Film Project. Out of the many movies made last year and the year that precedes we are glad to have a hip Hop, Spoken word related short film to be featured on this prestigious event.

The film which is about “A 20-year-old guy that feels like he is hit by a midlife crisis and decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery in a crowded city” will be shown on;

  • Date: Saturday – 19th March 2016
  • Time: 4:30pm
  • Venue: Museum Exhibition Hall
  • Director: George Stanley Nsamba
  • Run time: 11mins 26secs
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English


Which is directed by Malcom’s mentor George Stanely Nsamba which has seen the young poet/rapper have a land-marking piece among young enthusiasts of the genre. All the best to the Ghetto Film Project!!

Kelele @Makerere Poetry Night is a Poetic Noise hosted every fortnight Friday at MUK Art Gallery

By the name of the this ever-growing poetry night one is immediately struck by the employment of rhyme and insightfully a glimpse of what transpires at Makerere’s Art gallery is boldly embedded in the title Kelele At Makerere. A night that was inspired and started by a Legal Student Donald Maasa and his colleagues in 2015’s last quarter is aimed at changing the view people have about the prestigious University.

Makerere University is synonymous with Kelele which loosely translates to noise from Swahili and according to Donald the poetry night is aimed at giving poets and related artists to create a rather distinct sound which in his words loves to call “poetic noise”. The event takes place every fortnight on a Friday and as i write this, it is only two days to the next event/ poetry night. A number of renowned acts have graced this steady growing and insightful event like Fagil Mandy(former UNEB Chairman), Slim MC(poet,spoken word artist) and others. The future of this event seems so bright as so many of the poets are determined to share their spoken truth on a number of diverse topics including politics, love and other socially burning topics.

The beauty of Kelele @ Makerere is that from its inception numbers have increased and most importantly the theme driven nights give the different nights purpose. The poets are often joined by Spoken word artists and rappers too to give the noise a higher sense of poeticalness. Surprisingly there is no fee charged to the different performances or nights for it is totally free and the only fee is UShs 0/= plus your presence. A small collection is only asked from well wishers and open to anyone who enjoys poetic noise.

For anyone interested in a poetry night that is so far well-coordinated and dedicated to change the views people have about Makerere University and Life generally(since these poets deliver from points of view that are from different walks of life), Kelele should be on your menu. The event takes place at Makerere Art Gallery at the School of Industrial and Fine Art from 7 pm-10 pm.

For this week of Women’s day on Friday 11 2016 there will be a Night to celebrate Women/females in general through a lot of poetry.


@NuveySHAWN celebrates one year of The SunSet N’counter Mixtape and born day with ‘Poetry Isn’t Misery’ snippet

It is one year today since  The SunSet N’counter Mixtape was released by  NuveySHAWN  aka Ayella N. Robert (Chief Blogger here at NuveyLIVE, poet, occasional rapper and Teacher) on his birthday last year 28-02-2015 which served as his Debut tape and introduction to recording music for a wider audience. The mixtape had one successful single R.H.O.D.A. STATE which got its first spin on MisterDeejay’s Saturday Mix Show on Radiocity 97 FM. The tape according to SHAWN “was more of an experimental project which had him experiment and experience with different sounds including classic Pop, Rock and other all fused to form the body of work.”

The mixtape commonly hash-tagged by him as #TSN had 16 tracks including the Outro,  Inner View which is actual  interview with his long-term friend Anonymous that was never theorized actually actually inspired later on the formation of NuveyLIVE and the podcast HUL.

TSN was also a point NuveySHAWN was proving to himself and this explains  why he released the work on his birthday , which to him was celebrating growth in all spheres of his life and therefore to show a continuous growth and development he released a teaser or snippet of Poetry Isn’t Misery. The snippet is part of the SHAWNESDAY project which is a compilation of 85 % spoken word performances or poetic tracks. He first performed this poem about four months ago at a Poetry Night at Makerere University’s Art Gallery which i watched him perform vibrantly and of course we were surprised that he put out a snippet today.

The poem that in synced with punk-rock influenced and inspired sounds from the instruments is uniquely a new sound you will expect from SHAWN and therefore this might be an indicator of completion of  SHAWNESDAY : My Evenings With You Compilation or #SMEWY.


Download Link (2.2 mbs)

#UGDecides: Ugandans make a lot of great music-NAVIO on the need for Peaceful Elections

As the country UGANDA is only counting down a few hours to the highly anticipated and overrated elections of the Presidential candidates and Members of parliament (tomorrow 18th February, 2016) , country-wide messages of peace have been asked for by many stake holders and peace-loving entities. The circumstances of violence are not lovely at all and therefore would affect the climate in the country that includes investment, education and other fields. According the a report by African bank the entertainment industry has a potential to employ more youth who are highly unemployed.

You can then agree more with Navio’s argument or view. If you relate with that report and Mr. The Chosen you find the need for peace which if tampered with might see us come short of the benefits which include making of good music. As a rapper he embodies the voice of many involved in the field that himself is.

We  wish you a free and fair election for whichever candidate you vote with peace and integrity.



St Nelly Sade sells 1000 copies of ‘Stories of Elevation-Omulondo n’engero’

St Nelly Sade took to his social media account (FB) the great news, having sold 1000 copies of Stories of Elevation also known as Omulondo n’engero. The album which was released last year (2015) on 20 February  had amazing tracks that contributed to his continued satisfaction of Ugandan ears that demand for stories by real story tellers. The hip hop heads of course will use statements like ” he is a great lyricist”. Definitely and an amazing story-teller! The 18 track album has continued to set the bar as one of best organic and well-stretched luga flow albums in the country so far( this doesn’t mean Koi Koi and Ziva Muntuuyo by GNL and Sylvester are not in mind)

The album that features rappers such as The Mith, Patrobas, Moth, Agee and singers such as Sonny Sowez is highly relate-able that it selling 1000 copies might have been a long wait. That is if you consider the packaged content (music). But well finally that’s another win for hip hop and we hope to keep score of units like this. The Bwosumagira singer besides making some bucks off his creative work S.O.E is also nominated in the Galaxy Fm powered Zzina Awards. 

Watch Nina Plan Off S.O.E- St Nelly Sade ft Moth:


Enygma, Play 01, The Sphynx, Rudende and others share thoughts on #TuckerVsCode on Severely Yours Tv

If you are reading this you must be knowing about the beef between Tucker + Benny Black vs CODE that was much fueled with the release of Black Monday and Later CBTS NOT TO FORGET  H.I.T.S 2.0 which wrapped it all. In case you don’t know about the INTERNET breaking event i wonder where you are- i mean the beef shadowed a number of events in the country for example Navio had a collaboration song with King Kaka Released last week!

So Severe on his Exclusive got together different rappers ( that is Enygma, Play o1 and The Sphynx) and other personalities in media like Mr Skillz and Rudended (of X Fm) to share there thoughts. Enygma and The Sphynx found it entertaining and quite motivational that the rappers served us with highly lyrical tracks last week. Play 01 who seemingly quotes Benny Black in his opinion that the beef was good but the reactions werent much called for ( his statement is the version of Benny’s lines on Black monday: )

Rudende sounds sort of surprised and well in his words may be ”We were taken for a ride” and Dennis Assimwe found it hilarious and he believes it was ‘Manufactured’ and as a gimmick it was probably clever and with time it will be more transparent.

Listen to All these via Severely Yours TV


Episode 1 |HUL| The NuveyLIVE Podcast is Back: Here is a ‘New Hip Hop Uganda Wrap up’ Episode for 2015

There was a time when hip hop would have only a column the size of your thumb. That sentence is a paraphrase of Enygma On Episode 27 of Mister Deejay Presents. 

The times have changed and many platforms have come up which is a sign of progress. NuveyLIVE being the first online radio for Hip Hop, Poetry and spoken word Blog we gave you last year the First Hip Hop Podcast in UG and you supported us from May 2015 to Up around August that is as far as the podcast episodes are concerned. The blog continued documenting as you can see (Read).

Enough of the Talk here is a new Episode for 2016 and you should also take it for a #ReBranding Episode for you. On this one I Wrap up some of the events that happened in the hip hop Community . ENJOY

This Episode is a recollection from 2015, simply giving a wrap up of most events and different land marking events that are worth remembering.

ALSO Stream Here:


NuveyLIVE AudioMack LInk

NuveyLIVE Podcast GArden

Written By Ayella NuveySHAWN

HipHop Events yet to happen before the year Ends You OUGHT NOT to MISS

As the year is winding down there are events that i think you as a hiphop head or even a poetry enthusiast should be going to. This year has been filled with many landmarking events such as the release of The Chosen, Hip Hop Invitational, Break Fast Jam and many more. We sat down and compiled a short list of events we are aware of and which we think you shouldn’t miss.

1) kambajulire Mixtape Release at Kay Club. This has been almost the highlight of the year, most anticipated mixtape release due to the work behind and the team at large. It is to take place on 23rd December. Pryce Teeba will be accompanied by various artists who feature on the tape. Entrance is Free and Kambajulire will be on sale @10k.  I guess yo midweek is covered.


2)The 13th HipHop Summit at Sabrinas Pub. Bavubuka Foundation brings back this annual event ti celebrate indigenious work in the country. This includes performances from rappers and poetry recitals. We are told there will be live cyphers too. Despite the troll by Babaluku the event definately is to take place on 26 December. And we heard The Reminders are going to take part  in this year’s event(Courtesy of Urban Hype)


3)The Uganda Rap Legeau-URL Rap Battles. YES for those who love seeing emcees sweat it out on a mic, here it is. There will be URL battles on 27th December to wrap up the battle spirit that we believe was strengthened by the force the Swagger Lounge HipHop night had brought forth this year(June-July).


We also heard 207 will be releasing his Album on Christmas day.

The list is to be updated as long as we learn of other events.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

#PrettyFemceesWinAgain:Race.T to release Pretty Gals ft Zabuli x M.C Loy & Lady Bezo


            (Pretty gals cover art)

Nothing is very intriguing like when femcees team up to make a project together. If you share the same optimism with me you just about to be served by the AMAZING  pretty gal Race T together with other pretty gals. Race T took to her social media pages announcing the release of Pretty Gals slated for  21 December, it will be a Monday, so you know that your starting a new week with positive energy.

Pretty gals produced by Joe Beats aka Gamit is a project on which Race features Zabuli, M.C Loy and the super talented Lady Bezo (y’all got the memo!). Together they spit flames to clarify that also pretty gals,(You see the effect of a good song? I meant pretty girls) love, serve and worship the lord. I wonder if the idea in the preceding sentence ever crossed Big Tril’s mind.Before we go so far the collective is of four pretty  christian Femcees.

We are pretty pretty gals and love Jesus.

Race of course opens up the song with a hook and a verse that welcomes you to the theme of the song. She is very certain of Jesus’ blessing upon her and thus will keep winning. Zabuli who raps with a dancehall influence to give the song a versatile appeal which , Joe works well to customise the drum set  at the pointwhere her verse fits or comes in. You will realise this intelligent effect serves the song right.

M.C Loy gives it her best to deliver her bars quite uninterrupted as she Talks over like a pastor( call it spoken word) within her bars (at the score 2:56) thus giving the impression pretty gals know the word of the lord. Lady Bezo holds it down as a supreme female christian rapper(lets say like Keko on the All Femcees cypher with another set of pretty femcees). Bezo makes various flows just to give the song a versatile appeal and make it clear that they holdin down by “keeping it kiimu” Her approach to the song also seemingly suggests that as a Femcee you can do anything, on top of it u can have great delivery as christian rapper too.

PS: I have already listened to the song and hope to get to her and decipher the song further. Other than that wait for a download link on Monday. It’s a must listen!


Connect with Race T:
Facebook: Race T
Twitter: @RaceT146
Soundcloud: Race T

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors