Causal Music: 7 reasons You should Re/Listen to STRAP’s ‘Judgement Day’

It’s about four months since S.T.R.A.P last released new music. In that sense pretty much any release; early January he released Listen with Big Sam. STRAP had a fully packed abstract album last year an hypothetical journey that he presented, which stems directly from Oblivion as regards its abstractness. Futuristic past to me will always be a point of reference to his music as regards chronicling his own history, his philosophical imaginations and interpretations of humanity but not the political correctness that swirls in his art always.

How is it important here? Oblivion is important a project too even more political, and it is the actual back drop for Judgement Day (listen to 360 motion as he ).  Futuristic past has the unusual but yet well brush stroked abstractness and the Persona well-grown and developed a contrast of him self prior to FP. It has top-notch production and , to phrase in familiar lingo – dope production. The two points in mind is the product this track comes from.

And now the reasons….

“Say Hello to the Great Sky”

1. The song has some highly sophisticated (*) production which is a good marker for UG Hip hop. Aren’t we trend setters?  Think about it. Bigg Kid graces the track with his amazing production, melody, and spirituality is the outcome.

2. S.T.R.A.P backs up the track perfectly, to allow the anger, the serious mood being set to escape the absurdity that the track seeks to clear up. He evokes spirituality, self-reflection, agony and entreat with his auto tuned, ” Oh no noo noo oh” – You remember the familiar melodic back up on Listen

“Blood on the streets when the young die/ Vultures on the hub I can see them fly”

3. Political correctness is all over this one. As an artist he seeks to explore issues that he thinks (for the matter of how he sounds) should be reexamined, re thought before judgement day. S.T.R.A.P. is questioning the authority we give leaders, what we do to survive and the power of Control systems. (I hope i tried there, and well there is a line that references Game of Thrones, an  American TV Series ())

“The Price to be a leader…”

4. More political correctness, the ills that Third world countries suffer such as Post election Violence, political betrayal are hinted on. S.T.R.A.P also gives his hopefulness for his people to get something to their name; this  explains the reference “third world eminence”. Crime, Violence, Selfishness, and the need to read between the lines pervades the song.

5. Abstractedness, as the usual meal is from a STRAP NKoba song or body of work. It’s weird he metaphorically references his name Nkoba on the hook but not STRAP or Sound That Roars African Pride (that’s what S.T.R.A.P is in full). He stands as a representative of his people (Ugandans  most likely), a symbol of empowerment because as them he is “born for greatness”

“My other half taking care of ma seed / While am gone to think about it Am a locked up free Man/ Waiting for my Judgement day to come back home.

6.  Am a locked up free Man. Yes i feel like this line is another reason you should listen to the song. It hints on the prison most of us are trapped in and the next line in 7 below, explains the desensitized generation we live in, that we are lured and tranced.  STRAP always has a thing for ‘rewind and re listen lines’. The mood and manner which he says it at this score justifies it all. Once again the manner which he says, ” Am a locked up free man”, makes you want to think about your own self or our time where captivity is the new “Freedom”

7. Is Bil Cosby really Pill Cosby? … I don’t know! , And of course good lyricism is what embodies this track, a little story telling but well layered bars making it a narrative to Selfish governments, misuse of power, crime, and the nothingness of life when it isn’t serving good purposes.

Pill Cosby

Take the blue pill, you wake up tomorrow and believe whatever you want. Take the red pill, and we see how deep the pudding snack goes.. Source:

That  line above in 7 seems to be the most important as regards understanding Mr. Nkober’s meaning of Judgement day. The Play on Pill Cosby and Bill Cosby annotates to the American Stand up comedian’s not so recent allegations of  Bill Cosby … pursuing women for sex using power, pills and money. If You followed the Oblivion very well the Blue and Red Pill theory is hinted on. This play on words helps to explain the opportunistic MAN that we are and live with, no conspiracy though This is a message from the oppressed if you asked me. The consolation is that there is judgement day on the way but how Shall you be prepared for it?

Listen To Judgement Day:

Please Leave  your views on what you think of this post, or more annotations we might have missed that are important in the Comment Section..


First To under stand the blue and red pill theory, re-listen to Mephobia   off Oblivion  and also  pay attention to H.O.L which some  how resonates with the themes on J D. he raps saying “Little kids addicted to pills…” 

Secondly this isn’t a song review! It’s a gesture of it and the seven key points (Annotations) that make the track so important.

(*)  Amazing and not easy to understand because it is still amazing.

()The series chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the realm’s noble families

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No Apologies Cover Art

“No Apologies Will be a 12 Track EP”- AJO [see Track List]

AJO is set to release his No Apologies EP (as am writing 14 days from now), and will be his second full length release, it is to serve as a follow-up of his debut Mixtape Rap Music I Sing / RMIS. The mixtape had a number of tracks  that got utmost rotation especially Back Down Ft Lethal and Hannz Tactiq. He Featured a number of known artists like Lethal, Hannz, O.P.U, So Severe (on What do I rap For), and others on that project which gave him a clear sphere to push on with his raw talent. This seems like a solo project but well guest appearances from Akongo, Essie and Nina MC are to be expected.

The EP will have 12 tracks including the Intro

Now on No Apologies just like RMIS he dedicated his time and work to have his EP worked on by one sole studio, Port Bell drive Music. RMIS was 90 % babied from Yego Productions. This said has given AJO  a chance to explore new sounds and approaches to his career, with various producers on this project including Nase Avatar, Alz, and others. For now we can listen to Kamikaze (which was a popular song released last year and a video shot for ) and Freak A free style as we wait for the whole project to drop on 18th May, 2016. * Date was changed to 27th May, 2016* 

Track list

1. Intro
2. No Apologies ft Essie (Prod. Alz Analytical & Nxcco)
3. Kamikaze (Prod. Nase Avatar & Martin-UrbanAksent)
4. Aphrodite ft Akongo (Prod. Nase Avatar)
5. Word Smith (Prod. Nase Avatar & Nxcco)
6. Like A Drum ft Nina MC (Prod. Alz Analytical)
7. Rhyme Scheme ft Essie (Prod. Alz Analytical & Nxcco)
8. Word Smitten (Prod. Nase Avatar)
9. Family Ties (Prod Nase Avatar)
10. Word Smith II (Prod. Alz Analytical)
11. Freak A Free Style (Prod. Alz Analytical)
12. Ekos Koku (Prod. Nase Avatar & I-Am-recktor)


Download: Show Some Love by Fenrico Lugga

Life is Short! so we need love one another so love your neighbor” are the introductory lines of this poetic piece by Fenrico Lugga and marks as an indication of his heart-felt concern for a loving society. With melody put in mind he sings and raps on this one particularly in Rukiiga to call onto people to share some love. He hints on the need to have a harmonious society which is possible with love and listening to this you would agree more. It’s a beautiful piece strengthened by the backdrop of the grand piano sounds  even the singing takes most part any hip hop head will still love to listen to this.

Download (5.1mbs)

Tha C.y.P.h.A – Bon.B, NuveySHAWN, Golddust, Anonymous(G2 Complex), AJO(CBM) & I-M Music

Tha CyPhA is a collaborative project  produced and directed by Mento-X, real names Mugarura Denis Robinson of G2 Complex and he introduces  Bon-B, NuveySHAWN, Gold Dust and Annonymous all from G2 Complex, AJO (Clean Block Music) and I-M Music’s producers Delaru and Kodan whose first appearance as rappers is documented by this cypher. The project released March 26 at 8:33pm  is a representative of the hoods the various contributors to the raw and edgy sound that Mento-X took charge to materialize into something. In the order of appearance the emcees Bon-B(Kititantale), NuveySHAWN(Luzira/Biina), Delaru(Mutungo), AJO(Mbuya/Mutungo), Gold Dust(Kitintale), Kodan(Mutungo) and Anonymous(kitintale) show off their lyrical dexterity and give a glimpse of their hunger and unheard voices.

I-M Music’s out fit (Delaru and Kodan) explore their Itesot flow complemented with Swahili and english to give their sound a distinctive marker and an indicator of diversity for the total project all together. AJO and Gold Dust take the hyper angry route showing their hoods energies lyrically. Bon-B and NuveySHAWN (also a blogger here) take the calm but insightful take which is re-echoed by Anonymous (who doubles as a manager of G2 Complex and has worked with a number of producers including Andy Music, Notsy) as a wrap up of the main intention the project was in the first place thought of.

“Redefinition with a motion”

G2 Complex has projects in maturing like the Video to Tha Cypha set to be released in around 15 April and NuveySHAWN who is wrapping up with his SHAWNESDAY compilation a follow-up to his Debut Mixtape TSN. AJO (From Clean Block Music) who is a good college to the Complex artists is set to release his EP No apologies in May of this year, which is a follow-up to Rap Music I Sing a mixtape that featured Hannz Tactiq, Lethal, OPU and others. Bon-B and Gold Dust have unreleased projects.

Tha C.y.P.h.A is well packaged with a crisp taste of clear and informative messages embedded in the voices of these rappers who hope to dominate respectfully and are so distinct in their approach as they deliver.

Kitintale, Luzira and the dominant Mutungo will be hopefully represented appropriately just like Rubaga, Bukoto and Ntinda.


The Ginsu serves us with Naive-Sounds like Womens day Already!

The Ginsu of the new super trio Malika often captioned and hashtagged as #ThreeQueens releases Naive which is a bitter cry of a  lady ideally disappointed by almost her making but now rising to eliminate her hurt. Any one who listens to this one would wish it to have been released on Women’s Day this Tuesday but we don’t make plans for these artists. The song is a sweet one not the raw edgy Ginsu on Pound for Pound because it delivered almost entirely by RNB soothing vibes and a little rapping to complement it entirely.

Naive, obviously re-introduces us to The Ginsu whose skill hasn’t yet been munched down by a number of people and even though Malika is composed of two other at least fairly known acts  by many hip hop fans. This song gives us a glimpse on what to expect from this super trio and The Ginsu her self personally as she manages to sing and rap on this one which is produced by Samurae. In support of their college Agee and The Sphynx have had time to post pictures of them in studio suggesting a probable release on Women’s Day to mark the celebrations and also sort of Branding Naive as a feminist rap song for Women’s day.

The best thing is to watch the Space as these three rappers cook something.

The Sphynx Posted on Instagram:


Download Link

New Video| ‘Honarable Muuki’ by Survivor ft Tracy Noel is a Satire well delivered

The sinister actions of a number of politicians on this one has been manipulated to form the subject matter of this track by Survivor (veteran rapper now rapporter with NTV News Beat) ft Tracy Noel. On a Koz N Effekt beat Survivor raps in a persona of a politician who is corrupt, in human and indifferent wait these must mean the same thing so I will let you add to the list actually! We all know elections are around the corner this satirical piece is the perfect edutaining song we need as a follow-up of Fit to Lead by George.

The video has Survivor giving us a caricature of the greedy politicians and there motives in a voice that is in confession, you would think we should pity them since politicians have problems like the need to cater for their wives and mistresses. He raps in Luganda but good enough the subtitles are provided. Tracy on this song acts as the ridiculing voice that completes the satire to bring to our attention that Honorable ( any politician out there abusing office) is not representing the people but himself or personal goals.

The video has garnered about 1k view in two days! It is pretty hilarious to watch, but isn’t that what a satirical piece of work is made of ?

Enjoy video below:


Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

Certified battle rapper, hip hop artist and producer 207  redefines his sound with Mbawe a single off Africanise the album under way. The track is produced by Nase Avatar and it is a banger for as long as it makes it to your favorite club or happening place not to forget your radio- word to your radio DJ’s they should cope this.

207 is still working on his album but this single makes us feel like he should drop it as soon as possible for it gives us a taste of what we should expect. He raps ” eno beat si yabaa Jamaikah” implying that it is a home produced instrumental in fact one by Nase Avatar- Isn’t it a way to Africanise our Hip Hop? The track is a groovy one you surely will like it.


O.P.U / @Opumusic releases the official Video for ‘Drink Party’

It has been a good week for hip hop this past week which was graced by an  awakening beef between three rappers #Under25, CODE, Tucker HD and Benny Black. For More on that HERE. Having released the trailer in the same week, O.P.U aka Koboko Boy officially released the video both online and on NTV’s the beat 29 January 2016 ( so it premiered on The Beat in other words).

The single that is off his forth coming album Half Street Half Corporate is shot by an award-winning director Sasha Vybz of Savvy Films ( won a HiPiPo award for best video Producer 2016). The video is so far a manifestation of progress for  hip hop visuals by most rappers so far. In the words of my boys it is an indicator of levels that done changed. Commercial as it may be, according to O.P.U it’s some how also away to pay bills.(i hope you get what i mean)

The atmosphere is of a house party sort of scene with many beautiful girls having a blast and definitely drinking at the party my bad the song is actually called Drink Party. 

Watch Below:


CODE / @TimothyCode responds to Tucker on #HITS ‘Hands in The Stadium 2.0’ We think he’s “Just getting Warmed up”

When Benny Black did his thing we expected a response ASAP and Tucker came through with Calm Before The Storm. His response sounded like real beef, wait it is! This morning i woke up to a download link from Timothy CODE of his new track, or response to Tucker HD titled Hands in The Stadium 2.0 ( H.I.T.S). This beef thing has now become productive to the two parties for they have a point to prove lyrically, being among the best known under 25.

Just Getting Warmed Up, Owayeeeee
Singing The Streets, Owayeeeee
Killing Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

CODE opens up H.I.T.S with a biblical verse in his intro: “The First to Speak in Court sounds Right Until Cross Examination Begins…”- Proverbs 18:17  The lawyer rapper prepares us on this one step by step sounding  surprised, and less moved by the performance of Tucker on CBTS

“Under 25, Man/ You Can Do Better”

Not say much Shall let the music speak for it self naye the approach code has here is amazing as he sings his hook and delivers. He surely did sound  Calm actually like there is no storm coming. His profile having been narrowed in a verse he does the same to his new-found nemesis, Tucker HD even though the spitting is in rhetoric, with compact warnings and crown owning bars  beef just got serious and yet i wonder if CODE was even pissed off he sounds like he is chilling mpozi he is getting warmed up Owaaye!!!!! Hoping it doesn’t go beyond the creative concerns.

So Next Time, Don’t Come Around with That Foolishness
Do Your Own Collabos, Try and Keep My Name Out of It

Lyrics Credit: The Tribe Ug 



Written By: Ayella NuveySHAWN