Tushi Polo’s Bitter Past-A True Story of a young girl Struggling with daily hassles

On Episode 10 Tushi Polo premiered her new song Bitter Past which is a very personal song and yet relate-able by any one. She prefers to let you listen to the song (as she revealed on the show) and vibe to it if you can within the confines of the experience she presents.The song is produced and recorded at Urban Aksent  ( Benricktheproducer ) with well laid out snares and string sounds that allow her to give the track uninterrupted delivery. Melody from the strings making you nostalgic is evident as she feeds us with the Bitter past.

Bitter past was inspired by a true story of a young girl who struggles
on a daily to battle life trials, fear,pain, rejection, mental
enslavement that she witnessed as she grew up living the side B of
life. —Tushi Polo

This track is so pure from an experience that whether hypothetical or not elevates you to the level of wanting to burst out of the confines whatever is holding you to trying to sing along; hum some lines with her. Do listen to it!

Tushi Polo Performing  Bitter Past

Download Audio here

Exploring avenues: Race T’s-Ani Asinga + Lyrics (free Download)

Race T has her thing going on as she clearly hinted and promised the last time we had over here on Episode 7. Ani Asinga is mind-blowing and this rap diversity she takes up is an avenue that few Christian rappers explore. The idea of turn up music given a more positive and Christian approach just got better with Ani Asinga  which is produced  by Ernesto & Rix. The young rapper laces very well luganda lines, together with the usual English spit game we from her. The track is off her forth coming Ep which is titled  Sanctuary  according to our source

The track speaks volumes from the first bar and  beat. It is safe to let you download it and follow with the lyrics to get the point here as you will turn up in Christ.



Amplified music

Verse one

Ooooh halla
Ernesto on the beat
God is on ma back, yes he is the best
Big king , he is better than rest
Mukama i give you ma heart
Nkwehaire twala obwomeezi bwange
Nebwemba hansi nyimuche ahaiguru
Woo he is better than rest
Everybody around me has seen me so changed aaah
Matter of fact, he is better than rest
Yesu oliwami nosinga abadi
Yeah i give ma soul, ma soul , ma soul ma soul soul

Am queening like on bee sting
Jesus everywhere i go he’s even on my wrist bing(band) (what)
He’s been real you can see no syking
He is the best Jesus am one of the many offsprings (what)


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo (*2)

Verse two

Yono eyanzija kukwepaanka
Yono andetera esanyu lyolaba nina
Kyova olaba buli lwenyimba mba muwaana
Hahaha nsekerera owensi ampalana
Atamanyi omukwano gwenina omulwanyi gwenina okwagala geemanyi gabakubisa.
Sigwa balondemu gubeera gwa buli omu.
Omukwano gwagaba jangu jaali ogugwemu… Goberera ekubo etuufu onyikire kigambo kye onazibwe mumusaayi gwe omutukuvu.
Kulwe kisa kye yampita ntyo nenzija
Yaza buja emeeme yange engeriye njilojja
Kyenva ntenda erinya lye nalaba kitaangala. Nengoberera musufu yabansingira
Yekatonda gwensinza omu antegeera
Akebera emitima tafa ku ki kyendabika.


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo (*2)

Verse three

I got fire (wat)put it on my father tho
All the applause men i give it to ma papa tho
Name is jesus ampaire aka kaseko (lo)
Ngwaile ahansi ankwise ha mukono thou
Aii hakuba Race T mukuleeba hanu daughter of the most team
Iam never gettin down men am on fleek
I got power no limit just blame it on gee
See i go hard on a freestyle or a capella
Couple lines am a lecrea on that rac -a- fella
Holy lines on the floor you pick em up ain’t no mandella
Jesus got me doing this fire men u ma fella/ hola

Am queening like on bee sting
Jesus everywhere i go he’s even on my wrist bing(band) (what)
He’s been real you can see no syking
He is the best Jesus am one of the many offsprings (what)


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo(*2)



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Crossingborders: Ting Badi Malo– Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris Kantai

EA with no doubt vibed to the unbwogable(still don’t know what that means clearly) sounds of Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Ting Badi Malo which is the area of concern here. Flex D’ Paper Crossed the border to Kenya for various issues, and happened to get  together with kenya’s Khaligrapgh Jones and Chris Kantai to make what you would call a remix or rather a hip hop make  over with 808’s emphasized.

From the 256 but I also shut it down in the 254
They play Amateur,[but Khaligraph n I ] mehn we only play pro

Flex doesn’t disappoint on this one, not the usual average flow and neither is it the slaying expected from him-thumbs up!. All together the two artists complement themselves on this more exotic and yet still indigenous track- because the hook Ting Badi malo is maintained from the original. Ting Badi Malo is a Jaluo phrase to mean Put your hand up.

For the good work revamping the old forgotten joint  Ting Badi Malo!


The Ginsu serves us with Naive-Sounds like Womens day Already!

The Ginsu of the new super trio Malika often captioned and hashtagged as #ThreeQueens releases Naive which is a bitter cry of a  lady ideally disappointed by almost her making but now rising to eliminate her hurt. Any one who listens to this one would wish it to have been released on Women’s Day this Tuesday but we don’t make plans for these artists. The song is a sweet one not the raw edgy Ginsu on Pound for Pound because it delivered almost entirely by RNB soothing vibes and a little rapping to complement it entirely.

Naive, obviously re-introduces us to The Ginsu whose skill hasn’t yet been munched down by a number of people and even though Malika is composed of two other at least fairly known acts  by many hip hop fans. This song gives us a glimpse on what to expect from this super trio and The Ginsu her self personally as she manages to sing and rap on this one which is produced by Samurae. In support of their college Agee and The Sphynx have had time to post pictures of them in studio suggesting a probable release on Women’s Day to mark the celebrations and also sort of Branding Naive as a feminist rap song for Women’s day.

The best thing is to watch the Space as these three rappers cook something.

The Sphynx Posted on Instagram:


Download Link

Klear Kut bounces back hard on Let It Rain

The super group finally has put out one for their fans which is a great sign of the materializing Album together as a group. (According to UrbanHype, Beast Mode has Let It Rain as the official single). Klear Kut known for its ground breaking projects like Mind Body Soul and trend setting craft together grace this single with  ferocious lines aimed at probably alerting every one of their recollection.

The song is produced by Papito and mixed and mastered by Samurae which of course has the expected Klear Kut sound that of course will remind you of All I wanna Know. (If you don’t get it, I mean samples define most of KUT’s craft). However it’s not the usual and typical flow type you will get which Papito, LangMan and JB discussed with Ninja Felix of The Tribe UG in an interview prior to the release.

God let it rain God let it rain

God let it rain, Straight into ma Bank account

To prove a point of being the best this track is that, and not just being the best without the Hustle it is an appeal of a hardworking person entreating the Lord to answer back after putting in work and having Navio on the hook to create that atmosphere.

Download LInk

New Video| ‘Honarable Muuki’ by Survivor ft Tracy Noel is a Satire well delivered

The sinister actions of a number of politicians on this one has been manipulated to form the subject matter of this track by Survivor (veteran rapper now rapporter with NTV News Beat) ft Tracy Noel. On a Koz N Effekt beat Survivor raps in a persona of a politician who is corrupt, in human and indifferent wait these must mean the same thing so I will let you add to the list actually! We all know elections are around the corner this satirical piece is the perfect edutaining song we need as a follow-up of Fit to Lead by George.

The video has Survivor giving us a caricature of the greedy politicians and there motives in a voice that is in confession, you would think we should pity them since politicians have problems like the need to cater for their wives and mistresses. He raps in Luganda but good enough the subtitles are provided. Tracy on this song acts as the ridiculing voice that completes the satire to bring to our attention that Honorable ( any politician out there abusing office) is not representing the people but himself or personal goals.

The video has garnered about 1k view in two days! It is pretty hilarious to watch, but isn’t that what a satirical piece of work is made of ?

Enjoy video below:


You can Now rap and sing along to ‘Mama Let’s Talk’-Luganda Xlz Ft Nemesis (Lyrics + Audio)

Lyrics to Mama Let’s Talk ft Nemesis

Let’s talk you and me yeah
Mama let’s talk you and me

Verse 1
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
She’s heaven-sent my guardian angel/
Words can’t explain the whole depth/
But amma try coz my thoughts just won’t rest/
Look for nine months to 19th October/
She endured more than just weight on her shoulder/
I mean, even after she birthed me/
Coiled me and gave me her chest when i was thirsty/
She was my ultimate host see/
Yeyampa olulimi nedobbozi/
Taught me my first lessons from her lap/
Played with me just like a kitten and a cat/
And when i was uncomfortable i would raise hell/
And damn she wouldn’t rest till i laid well/
That’s why i look at you in awe and honor/
Nga bwensaba Katonda obulamu bwo gwe Mama

Chorus *2
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga

Verse 2
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
When i started crawling i nearly made her brains blow/
It was always kakali kakali/
Man i ain’t wanna chill down properly/
Nga olwo nzijula enfuufu/
And you didn’t get tired of cleaning me the truth’s you/
Did it all and more than what i understand/
Look at me maa you done made a man/
That’s why i gotta pass on your legacy/
Your hustle love and care till the death of me/
Am talking past longevity/
Everyone should respect this i don’t care your pedigree/
Kano kaabuli mukyala alinga gwe/
The single moms and i don’t care if it does not play/
How i wish i could control karma/
Nkuwe buli kilungi kyewegomba Mama

Chorus *4
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga
Nga bwetwali mubuto, twogele

Dedicated to the most lovable Ms. Nanteza Yudaya

Listen or Download Below


 The single is off Telling My Story an album from Port Bell drive which has so far had contributions from rappers like The Sphynx, Mickey Solow and Mc Wang Jok. On this one he features Nemesis who does a good execution for the track with his hook. It’s a dedication probably to his mother if we are not mistaken it is Ms. Nanteza Yudaya. Enjoy the song!

Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

Certified battle rapper, hip hop artist and producer 207  redefines his sound with Mbawe a single off Africanise the album under way. The track is produced by Nase Avatar and it is a banger for as long as it makes it to your favorite club or happening place not to forget your radio- word to your radio DJ’s they should cope this.

207 is still working on his album but this single makes us feel like he should drop it as soon as possible for it gives us a taste of what we should expect. He raps ” eno beat si yabaa Jamaikah” implying that it is a home produced instrumental in fact one by Nase Avatar- Isn’t it a way to Africanise our Hip Hop? The track is a groovy one you surely will like it.


CODE / @TimothyCode responds to Tucker on #HITS ‘Hands in The Stadium 2.0’ We think he’s “Just getting Warmed up”

When Benny Black did his thing we expected a response ASAP and Tucker came through with Calm Before The Storm. His response sounded like real beef, wait it is! This morning i woke up to a download link from Timothy CODE of his new track, or response to Tucker HD titled Hands in The Stadium 2.0 ( H.I.T.S). This beef thing has now become productive to the two parties for they have a point to prove lyrically, being among the best known under 25.

Just Getting Warmed Up, Owayeeeee
Singing The Streets, Owayeeeee
Killing Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

CODE opens up H.I.T.S with a biblical verse in his intro: “The First to Speak in Court sounds Right Until Cross Examination Begins…”- Proverbs 18:17  The lawyer rapper prepares us on this one step by step sounding  surprised, and less moved by the performance of Tucker on CBTS

“Under 25, Man/ You Can Do Better”

Not say much Shall let the music speak for it self naye the approach code has here is amazing as he sings his hook and delivers. He surely did sound  Calm actually like there is no storm coming. His profile having been narrowed in a verse he does the same to his new-found nemesis, Tucker HD even though the spitting is in rhetoric, with compact warnings and crown owning bars  beef just got serious and yet i wonder if CODE was even pissed off he sounds like he is chilling mpozi he is getting warmed up Owaaye!!!!! Hoping it doesn’t go beyond the creative concerns.

So Next Time, Don’t Come Around with That Foolishness
Do Your Own Collabos, Try and Keep My Name Out of It

Lyrics Credit: The Tribe Ug 



Written By: Ayella NuveySHAWN