Keko announces ‘Love From Venus’ release Date | Will she then take a break?

After a few rounds of talk here and there that the talented rapper, Keko was to resign from the music industry  few weeks and a month ago, Keko breaks silence with LFV info. The at least promised Mix tape Love From Venus is to be released 2nd June  then her resignation might be official. The make you dance and Ready Singer  shared information and artwork on social media which pointed to  the release of the Tape at Gatto Matto.

keko resigning

KEKO resigning? NOT

As the rapper had declared a couple of weeks ago, “After Love from Venus i will take a break” to do other things, personal as they seem to be. The Internet was convinced (before she made this statement on Sanyu FM) that she was retiring for good. No gimmicks we think the break actually happened and she is back “like she left” announcing a full event to release the tape which will most likely feature  Msinde and Komwyewo  FT St Nelly Sade.

For Now All Eyes on LFV and whether it is leyyygo or not should be a matter of the next future after the release.

Written By: Ayella N Robert

[New Mixtape]:Femcees Ruling Mixtape (Women’s Day Tape)-Free Download

Before i go into further detail, Do You think UG Femcees have been Recognized? I will let you ponder on that! That being said Happy Women’s Day to all of you reading and supporting our work here.

We have compiled a mixtape that features almost all the best of Female rappers ( Lady Slyke, Keko,Tushi Polo, The Sphynx,Mc Yalla, Ivory Namara, Ginsu,Agee,Saint CA,Fasie,Race T and many others) in the country on this Women’s Day Tape which is intended to take a number of you into history and the future of Ugandan Hip Hop through the voices of these female rappers. The tape is part of our dedication to the female rappers who  we feel are not so much represented and known even when some have had their journeys back date as early as the 90’s.

Journey with us through this tape which features tracks or only verses of these females on tracks that they either got featured or on which they featured other artists, and I must say it was an amazing initiative trying to make this tape having tracks some people have listened to and blending them with those forgotten by some and others never heard. The grand beauty of the Femcees Ruling Mixtape is that through all these tracks or verses featured speak diverse volumes of issues from the feminine world of rappers which of course is directly related to any day-to-day person. In simple terms we feel their participation contributes to the inspiration of females across the country you will notice the range of rappers  from teens to women.

Enjoy this tape and once again Happy Women’s Day!

Track List:

  1. Lady Slyke – Action
  2. Saint CA. -Wanji
  3. Keko – How We do it
  4. Becky256 – Gubakuuba
  5. Fasie – Olugendo
  6. Agee – Love
  7. Mc Yalla – Kupakasa
  8. Zion – Woman with Tushi Polo, Mc Black Pearl..
  9. Race T – Pretty Gals Ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo
  10. Lagum ft Ivory Namara – Storm (Ivory’s  verse only)
  11. The Sphynx – Omukwano
  12. The Ginsu – Naive
  13. Susan Naava – Marvins Room refix
  14. Black Vein – Indumumbi
  15. Tushi Polo – Drop it (intro only)
  16. All star Femcees – Writers Club (The Floet Verse, The sphynx)
  17. Mc Black Pearl – I Believe
  18. Ninja C  & Tucker HD- Our Time (Ninja C Verse only )
  19. Lady Slyke – Abakyala ft Prossy Patra and MC Yalla
  20. Saint CA. – Ba’nga afayo
  21. Keko – Ready
  22. Becky256 – Minerals
  23. Agee – Mr Dj Ft Drift (Agee Verse only )
  24. MC  Yalla – Reebo Mwana
  25. Race T – Im Free
  26. The Sphynx – Fe=MC2
  27. The Sphynx & The Ginsu – Pound for Pound
  28. Susan Naava – Holding on
  29. Black Vein – Shina
  30. Ninja C – Pleasure & Pain
  31. Keko – Fly Solo
  32. All Star Femcees- All Femcee Hip Hop Cypher 2015




H.A.B.O drops Visuals for M.O.N.A (Minister Of Nocturnal Affairs) title track

Ntinda must be proud of its very own H.A.B.O (also written as HABO) upon this release of M.O.N.A. After a successful year for the Ntinda Movement best known as NTM and also Ntinda rappers who are not so affiliated to the concrete movement, NTM. The power balance obviously was snatched from Rubaga for the whole year everybody knows it. With projects such as Side Ze’eno and the NTM Cypher which feature H.A.B.O him self gave the suburban town the appeal it sought for.

H.A.B.O dropped M.O.N.A his debut tape which features the title track, Minister Of Nocturnal Affairs produced by Sliq Teq. The visuals are an expression of the wild and hippy life style that this bold  rapper paints in his music and a raw cut of probably the chill time of an average Ntida-ian. Appearances from Mickey Solo, Pryce and Sliq Teq among other, hint on the tight squad-man-ship of these rappers even though accepting H’s fashion sense may be some thing of later discussion. The idea of nocturnal-ism is still something to ponder about more even though the after lights idea is made possible with the haze and its clear to realize that. (hoping to get him to discuss it)

Well conceptualized, Enjoy!!!

Episode 5 NuveyLive Podcast HipHop Uganda Live – The Lyrical Listening Party + Hold on to love Premier

Last week I spoke to Shemy B and he discussed a number of things including his street identity album, beef, and merchandise. Thanks to you who listened and downloaded the show. This week i sat down to do a mix show with less talk but more music which is a way to make our music alive enjoy there are new tracks in the mix.

On this Episode 5 SHAWN selects some of the freshest lyrical songs so far released and also goes back in time to play old forgotten tracks to show off the role hip hop plays if you listen to the music deeply you get the message. The play list is a planned one with each track having ideas it is communicating.



Ninja Attitude by Ninja C / @Herninjaness is proof of a ‘femcee on a mission’

Ninja Attitude is among the late projects that were released last year, to be exact it was released around 24 November, 2015. Apparently Ninja C was more of a surprise to the rap scene for some and others another femcee to uphold females on the hip hop power balance. Her project is more of a compilation of tracks that featured on other projects however we are not to take that lightly she has her personal creations too.

Young 24 I pledged allegiance to hip hop

Hands on this project stretch from Baru , JT, Ace B and Abaasar on the production giving her a rich sound from some of the best producers. Many could have said Ninja C was technically still experimenting but with work she brought forth and heat that she maintained justify her remark on her Redefinitions verse, “…am a femcee on a mission

Ninja Attitude is a 12 track mix tape that is kick started by Ninja Attitude (title track) a 56 s track produced by Abaasar as she introduces us to the ninja attitude she has. We are drawn into closely in her world with Best kept secret which is a JT production put together to give her a bossy feel since she is on her best braggadocio as she holds it down for K-Town.  An awesome follow-up is Our time to clarify legend thoughts that she has, that is after time we remember her name. Tucker HD complements the track with a steady flow.

Ninja C

Cover art: Ninja Attitude

Samurae has his hands on our time and so on Telling me too does the magic as Herninjaness does her thing recollecting the come up. Just like any career  path the critics and people will talk and so she didn’t pay much attention is her message on this one even with little experience she experienced a number of things that we are sure have shaped her career.

Work without play is not nice! Disco is that track on this project that has influences from Afro house, Dance music and yet sustained by Ace B‘s bars and Ninja C’s take on the chorus. And even though we love to play the lord gives us all , that preceding sentence can be backed by Pleasure and Pain which is a unique track on this project as she gives it a 50/50 singing and rapping.

She adds Zino Story which also featured on Saint Nelly Sade‘s Stories of Elevation. As a femcee last year she happened to have features on some of the biggest projects such as UG cypher 2 which is track 12 and the last on this humble tape. The All femcee Cypher, Baru’s Redefinitions are among the huge projects she featured on and are also part of this project.

Full speed no breaks, Assasins dont play games..

You and I has JT again on the production for which Ninja C speaks of her Darling certifying that they are forever, you can say she reminisces the time,  falling in love and all those good relationship memories. Saving more fun for the end, Beans and Posho is a remix or redo of Pills and Portion originally  by American Rapper Nicki Minaj. It has HerNinjaness herself, Big Trill, Benezeri, Enygma, Libolo Chai and Sima (both of X Fm) as they recall the time in school, the times of beans and Posho  meal that an avoidable in school.

The Femcee being on a mission this has been Ninja Attitude by Ninja C aka Her Ninjaness which was the biggest win last year that was not so much acknowledged-translation it was slept on!



Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN


HipHop Events yet to happen before the year Ends You OUGHT NOT to MISS

As the year is winding down there are events that i think you as a hiphop head or even a poetry enthusiast should be going to. This year has been filled with many landmarking events such as the release of The Chosen, Hip Hop Invitational, Break Fast Jam and many more. We sat down and compiled a short list of events we are aware of and which we think you shouldn’t miss.

1) kambajulire Mixtape Release at Kay Club. This has been almost the highlight of the year, most anticipated mixtape release due to the work behind and the team at large. It is to take place on 23rd December. Pryce Teeba will be accompanied by various artists who feature on the tape. Entrance is Free and Kambajulire will be on sale @10k.  I guess yo midweek is covered.


2)The 13th HipHop Summit at Sabrinas Pub. Bavubuka Foundation brings back this annual event ti celebrate indigenious work in the country. This includes performances from rappers and poetry recitals. We are told there will be live cyphers too. Despite the troll by Babaluku the event definately is to take place on 26 December. And we heard The Reminders are going to take part  in this year’s event(Courtesy of Urban Hype)


3)The Uganda Rap Legeau-URL Rap Battles. YES for those who love seeing emcees sweat it out on a mic, here it is. There will be URL battles on 27th December to wrap up the battle spirit that we believe was strengthened by the force the Swagger Lounge HipHop night had brought forth this year(June-July).


We also heard 207 will be releasing his Album on Christmas day.

The list is to be updated as long as we learn of other events.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

#PrettyFemceesWinAgain:Race.T to release Pretty Gals ft Zabuli x M.C Loy & Lady Bezo


            (Pretty gals cover art)

Nothing is very intriguing like when femcees team up to make a project together. If you share the same optimism with me you just about to be served by the AMAZING  pretty gal Race T together with other pretty gals. Race T took to her social media pages announcing the release of Pretty Gals slated for  21 December, it will be a Monday, so you know that your starting a new week with positive energy.

Pretty gals produced by Joe Beats aka Gamit is a project on which Race features Zabuli, M.C Loy and the super talented Lady Bezo (y’all got the memo!). Together they spit flames to clarify that also pretty gals,(You see the effect of a good song? I meant pretty girls) love, serve and worship the lord. I wonder if the idea in the preceding sentence ever crossed Big Tril’s mind.Before we go so far the collective is of four pretty  christian Femcees.

We are pretty pretty gals and love Jesus.

Race of course opens up the song with a hook and a verse that welcomes you to the theme of the song. She is very certain of Jesus’ blessing upon her and thus will keep winning. Zabuli who raps with a dancehall influence to give the song a versatile appeal which , Joe works well to customise the drum set  at the pointwhere her verse fits or comes in. You will realise this intelligent effect serves the song right.

M.C Loy gives it her best to deliver her bars quite uninterrupted as she Talks over like a pastor( call it spoken word) within her bars (at the score 2:56) thus giving the impression pretty gals know the word of the lord. Lady Bezo holds it down as a supreme female christian rapper(lets say like Keko on the All Femcees cypher with another set of pretty femcees). Bezo makes various flows just to give the song a versatile appeal and make it clear that they holdin down by “keeping it kiimu” Her approach to the song also seemingly suggests that as a Femcee you can do anything, on top of it u can have great delivery as christian rapper too.

PS: I have already listened to the song and hope to get to her and decipher the song further. Other than that wait for a download link on Monday. It’s a must listen!


Connect with Race T:
Facebook: Race T
Twitter: @RaceT146
Soundcloud: Race T

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

Here are the already released singles off #Kambajulire, Mixtape set to be released 23rd December

Pryce Teeba! Yes thats an exclamation the boy is ’bout to release the most anticipated mixtape this year( safe to say). When we expected the Tape to be out it didnot drop-October it was! This year has been fruitful for the Dustville Records Artist and Crane Gang member.

Well you might know, Side Ze’eno is on the forthcoming mixtape whose visuals are already out(Boss its been a month). That aside it has been a club banger on most radio stations and a chart topper. If Teeba is proud of any single this year ,it is Side Ze’Eno. Some may claim its most productive baby. It is Track 6 on Kambajulire.

Mpereza ECuupa!. Oh another exclamation. Ccupa was realised as a follow up to the Club Banger series: starring Pryce Teeba and… Pryce Teeba. Got you! It was meant to top charts as much as Side Ze’Eno did, some positive reaction was drown to it however we need to know Side Ze’Eno was a new Flu to the ears.

The two songs are on the mixtape which we think may be taken for an Album with all those features?

DID YOU KNOW? (I doubt) CCUPA has a remix with Big Tril and Isaac Brown, see the full track list of Kambajulire( will be a twenty track tape including outro and interludes) which has appearances from Ruyonga, Don Mc, Sonny and more below:


Written by: SHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

NEW EP: Pain Keelah releases ’16*16=256 Bars on 16 November

You could call it the most thoughtful EP and title so far. To make you fond of the #16s he chose 16 November for a release.


Payne Keelah took to twitter to annouce the official release of his thought provocative EP which features eight tracks that he hoped to stick otherwise he would exceedingly exceed the bars limit which is the piece of art’s concept.

The young rapper seeks to clarify the reason why he is a pain killer [killer]. The tape has production from Stone Town on most beats to give you a feeling of  smooth 90s hiphop as many would define. Its not a turn up project so you will be drawn into listening


The Track List

2.African Assasin
4.Da Champ
5.UGz Mu-Sick-est Emcee
6.Da 256
7.Take over




Take a look at 16×16=256 SimpleMTC (@Newpk1):