Episode 11 HUL| The Art Of Sampling Part 2 With Stone Town

This is a mind-blowing episode; I put together questions for Stone Town aka Papa Stoney to answer on sampling, what came out is what we need you to listen to. Stone Town reveals a lot of information on the art form-Sampling, his favorite samples and informative details.He even went a head to drop a hint on what Payne Keelah is up to so far.   HE was objective as possible and i was surprised he is so  full of humor ( he has hip hop jokes I mean).

All songs that featured on this episode are purely inspired by samples or lets say are a product of sampling from Tucker HD- Ug on My Chest , S.T.R.A.P. , Keko-Bright Lights, and  Lyrical Proof-Kilasiku and Nabye Show. And when you hear TwaWambye  in a song you surely know thats Stone Town behind it

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Episode 10 HUL| Introducing Tushi Polo,Femcee challenges+Bitter Past Premier

Last week was amazing as I had Nase Avatar discuss The Art of Sampling with me, as he revealed a lot of insightful information.

That being said, now on this Episode 10, I have an entertaining Chat with  the young rapper Tushi Polo.  The conversation revolves around her career, projects, inspirations and several influences. Tushi goes a head to premier Bitter Past her new song and its specific inspiration. It’s an amazing experience on this one because this young rapper is one weird one, with an uninterrupted persona and  confidence she makes my time enjoyable on the show. Information of a probable EP is revealed so you are safe to get this episode.

This Episode was powered by IM Music, recorded and produced by NuveySHAWN at IM Music. Special thanks to all of you who listen to our podcast, you can leave a message in the comment section of what you think of this episode.

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Episode 9|HUL- The Art of Sampling: Nase Avatar’s take

Nase Avatar is no stranger to the NuveyLIVE Pod-casts; this time round I hit him up to talk about a few things on what he has been doing and a number of interesting things going on. He is apparently listening to a lot of NTM, Gravitity and Mun G.Well S.T.R.A.P’s abstract sound, new releases from Nelly Sade, Flex D’Paper , the Telling My Story Project and  Sampling, which took up most of our conversation which was quiet informative as regards the insight gave us about sampling. Episode 9 has so much for you because you will get to know more like what exactly the Telling My Story project was about and the future of this initiative as revealed by Nase.

Tracks like Msinde, Kigozi, Kila siku and AJO’s Aphrodite which hasn’t yet been released took most of the samples conversation. This Episode will be a great study for most who don’t understand the art of sampling, what it means to sample and the great benefits of sampling. One interesting thing is that samples help us keep track of our Ugandan hip hop and music at large. And you will realize sampling is part of hip hop’s historical inventions made famous by Deejaying.

Apparently Nase says his best sampled track is Kila siku LP (prod Stone Town) and I was down for KigoziNavio and some of S.T.R.A.P’s music none the less you can leave a comment of what you think of this episode. You can also tell us your favorite track with the best samples in the comment section.

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Episode 8 HUL|Introducing Big Vein, Talk on Indigenous hip hop, a glimpse of HH Boot Camp III + More

Last week I had a wonderful time speaking with the two Christian rappers, Race T & Rodney on Episode 7 which was successful. Our journey is continuing and i am honored to announce that, i have so far made 25 episodes from two Podcasts including this specific one of Hip Hop Uganda Live which is a make over of my first Podcast Hip Hop Uganda Live Show (i know you may wonder WHY?). So all the episodes from the two makes up 25 episodes so far made in my career.

Now this week allow me present to you Black Vein, a female rapper who raps in mainly indigenous languages and especially Lumasaba. We had a chance to into her journey, and so much more. This makes her the first indigenous rapper to grace the show.

Episode 8 Details:

This Episode introduces us to yet another female rapper, Big Vein and her journey, Indigenous Hip Hop Music and lots more including the idea behind the song Indumubi which as she says in the podcast a true-life inspired story.

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Episode 7|HUL|NuveyLIVE Presents Rodney & Race-T: A conversation on Christian rappers,roles and Hip Hop

Episode 7 is finally here off The NuveyLIVE Podcast : Hip Hop Uganda Live / HUL which of course took so long to be worked out due to a few issues that include the political climate ( hoping you are not upset). Good news however on this episode you should prepare for a sort of hip hop spiritual journey with the two young artists and my most youthful rappers so far to feature on the show and for the record Race T makes it as the third femcee to grace the show. We spoke lengthily on absolutely everything that i hoped them to talk about and surprised by the effort and back door story like Race T’s girl empowerment, work, love for fashion and Rodney’s ventures into industrial art and their total hustles.

Tracks Featured in the Show:

  1. NuveyLIVE Podcast Sound Track
  2. Black Monday – Benny Black
  3. Pretty Gals – Race T ft Zabuli, MC Loy & LAdy Bezo
  4. TBT – Rodney
  5. Focus – Lagum Ft Ivory Namara
  6. Kikole – Keya Nemesis & Luganda XLZ
  7. Trip – AJO
  8. Going in Hard – Benezeri & Ruyonga
  9. Indumubi – Big Vein
  10. We are – Bantu Clan Ft Angela Mutoni & Mike Ntwaza

Special thanks to Port Bell Drive which also powered this Podcast.

Episode Description: NuveySHAWN, changes the podcast content to highlight and spotlight the two young Christian rappers Rodney and Race-T for an half hour talk on Christian rap music, roles of rappers and Christian rappers specifically. He also allows the two sensational artists to tell their part of the story that is: the come up, challenges and their general views as young rappers below 25 years of age and so inspired by many gospel rap music maestros. The conversation is highly thrilling with a great chill of youth and inspirational vibration.

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Episode 6|NuveyLIVE Podcast:HUL|Dual Hip Hop Ignorance & Weed smokin’ Rap + Beautiful day premier

On this episode which is highly unapologetic i discuss the  duality of ignorance in hip hop and what it costs us. The ill in formed ‘people’ will say what they want and how they want. They include the fans, the ‘I hate UG Hip Hop‘ type of individuals and the rappers themselves. Well you guessed right this on this episode non of them escapes! We can’t know everything but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have the need to know. Everyday we should learn something in order for barber shop discussions to flourish with informed domes. That said listening to this episode its only one question you should ponder about: How much of Ugandan hip hop do you know?

Everyday we should learn something in order for barber shop discussions to flourish with informed domes.

Those who know nothing about the genre will always stereo type any thing, be it poetry, spoken word and of course hip hop. Don’t be surprised when they limit the genre to sex, drugs, thug life  i mean people say anything and you know its pain full because a lot of creative work will be ignored.

The premier of Beautiful day Benny Black ft Essie closes this one Enjoy!

Episode 6 Description:

SHAWN get furious on every one who uses ignorance as an excuse and attacks the so-called ‘i don’t like the genre’ type of people who speak with an ill-informed mind. The rappers too who ignore the fifth element or rather one of the most important elements of hip hop. And so the premier of Beautiful day by Benny Black ft ESSIE is the melody to meditate on.

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Episode 5 NuveyLive Podcast HipHop Uganda Live – The Lyrical Listening Party + Hold on to love Premier

Last week I spoke to Shemy B and he discussed a number of things including his street identity album, beef, and merchandise. Thanks to you who listened and downloaded the show. This week i sat down to do a mix show with less talk but more music which is a way to make our music alive enjoy there are new tracks in the mix.

On this Episode 5 SHAWN selects some of the freshest lyrical songs so far released and also goes back in time to play old forgotten tracks to show off the role hip hop plays if you listen to the music deeply you get the message. The play list is a planned one with each track having ideas it is communicating.



Episode 4 HUL | NuveyLIVE Podcast: Shemy B tallks Street Identiy, Beef, rap battles and more

On this Episode I  hosted SHEMY B on the show to talk about his Album STREET IDENTITY and the successful events that came out of it. He also talks about beef his remarks will interest you, rap battles and a highlight of his next album, not to forget his merchandise.

I had a great time talking to him and one thing that still stuck to me is when he shared his view about beef ( Tucker Vs Code), he put it that ” beef isnt an element of hip hop” out of the elements of hip hop. Enjoy

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Episode 3 HUL|NuveyLIVE Podcast: Why rappers need side hustles

You might ask your self whether rappers do side hustles or not? If you are in the hip hop industry and working within it the question is easily answered with a LOUD “YES!” Some Hip Hop fans might not agree but all the same this episode will help answer that. Episode 3 is a follow up of our Weekly Podcast which is released every Tuesday. Last week I took you through the Importance of Hip Hop events and thanks to all those that downloaded and streamed.

I met Zenji, a friend of mine, a fan of our blog and podcast, a hip hop enthusiast last week. We incidentally met at this side hustle ( extra job or work) and he asked or to be honest tipped me to talk about side jobs that rappers do to support themselves. We where both at this place to do some work for an organization and his introspect was brilliant for me and i hope to host him one day.

Many rappers are in the corporate world one of them is Enygma, Young Nick and i think Sufuric too. The side hustle can be a main job you do and can earn you more than the genre and in fact supports you to pay for hip hop bill. A side hustle can help you support your music as regards rotation packaging and things that come in. Studio time, production costs come in as well.

This Episode is mainly for young rappers who need to know about why they need side hustles. Download below to find out.



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