‘Beat Maker or Producer’-whats the difference?

Last week as i was chilling at  Port bell drive Music I happened to land into a conversation with Nase Avatar on music production and later with Analytical Alz  on more ideas of beat making, which was quite insightful. We spoke of Beats, Instrumentation and hip Hop production in general. The conversation didn’t really center around who a beat maker and a producer is?.  We all assumed unconsciously that the two are of course different. We were having a casual conversation that we strike every time we are in studio.

How is That Up  important?

Well if you didn’t know Nase Avatar is a full-time producer at Port Bell Drive and Analytical Alz is more occasional  a producer and in most cases will be called a Beat maker. Doesn’t make sense right?

Then Lets Move on with the Difference between A beat Maker and A Producer:

A Beat Maker is …..

“Usually this is the person who sells or leases the beat to an artist before ideas, lyrics, arrangements, etc. are done. This person has no influence on how the record turns out or the direction of the project. Once you get the beat, exclusivity not a lease, your pretty much done with this person until your album is released.” Extracted from IndieHipHop.net 

So the Beat Maker, is that guy who pretty much lays the first instrument, develops the bass, lead drums and puts the melodic instruments to form what you call a beat or instrumental. In most cases has even no idea how a rapper will jump on it. The beat maker then should be called the first Baker who prepares the dough for the cake.  In Tucker HD’s Voice., “Ya Dig”

Moving on

A Producer Is….

As we spoke with Nase he mentioned something about Dre and the likes of Timberland, (the two are American Producers). Our conversation was about ideas that producers over see or influence on a “record.”   This explanation can try to define a Producer, ” A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs and/or musicians, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through mixing and mastering.From an online forum Via Future Producers.com

The producer is the guy with the icing as regards making of the song after the beat was produced. He is responsible for making Rapper X and Vocalist K sounding amazing on the beat by Beat Maker B( Not for Baru though)

But isn’t Beat Making Part of the Production Process? Don’t Producers Beat Make?

When i left the studio I remembered ALZ telling me of Jah Lil Beats’ (American Beat Maker’s) story. And I immediately recalled we have Baru Beatz here locally. I am sure Baru before producing a whole song with the lyrical and other important details was a beat maker. Now the boy / Young King Now is an in-house producer at Dustville Records. A beat maker some times could have his hands on the whole production process and literally he becomes a young producer as it sounds like. A producer technically does the mixing and mastering, and may influence where which verse and hook should be. He is the GUY at Post Beat Production in most cases.

I use Baru because he was once a typical beat maker and  now a  producer ,who has mastered the craft of now making a full song. ALZ on my way out he speaks of how he is much more interested in  making beats than the whole production phase.  Dang!  This got me thinking, yes  beat makers contribute to the first step and the producer continues with the beat made.

How Comes we don’t get to hear of Beat MAkers?

Beat makers don’t seem to get credited in most cases especially if the final track comes from a popular studio or even the fact that it is from that studio X its made by Producer G. Do you remember one of the reasons for Who Killed Hip Hop?; stealing beats!

Is the Conversation Still On?

Of course not, As i wrote this i considered two things; one some people can’t differentiate the two individuals, and two it’s not clear for some if a beat maker can be a producer or the other way round.

Cover Photo From www.beatmakershq.com

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Is LLYBOC the only rapper Formalism defends even after the clarity on Ntinda Anthem?

Written By Ayella N Robert |

Pryce Teeba put it clearly on his 2015 wrap up that “open Letter ya double L te’bajiiwa matu” which loosely translates to: LLYBOC’s Open Letter was not listened to or attention to it was nonexistent as per Teeba’s view. Yes it wasn’t listened to due to a number of projects that were highly anticipated including; the UG Cypher 2 which LLYBOC had summarized in a mathematical equation upon its release, other projects overshadowed it too especially the projects from Ntinda rappers and major releases at the time it was released.

For anyone who listened to Ntinda Anthem, vibed to it and somehow felt a part of Ntinda (even though you don’t hail from there),-and when you listened to Open Letter and King Of Brokenness and asked yourself questions on whether LLYBOC is against everybody_ Shame on you. On Ntinda Anthem LL clearly puts, “I don’t follow rules” and in a conversation I engaged in with him and rapper AJO (sometime last year) he always spoke with this very attitude. This doesn’t mean he will wake up to break the law, but it’s his way of expressing himself through hip hop spoken form rap, which is a form that he has artistry in for a rapper like him.

Of course the part I should start answering is what this article is about starts here. LLYBOC might be among the few Ugandan rappers whose art can be critiqued for what they are, or their form. And for starters Formalism is a literary theory that seeks for answers within the produced. Looks at a text (art, in this case hip hop) for what it is and in most cases critiquing it within its genre and ideally ignoring other aspects such as the author or his background. Now how this is related, you may ask? True! For this case we substitute all LLYBOC’s work for the TEXT or that piece of ART. In this case I am mostly interested in Open Letter and King of Brokenness which a number of fans didn’t react too positively or even viewed as a rappers weakest form of expression WHY?

Open Letter:

When some call him a mere name dropper on his tracks or say he is only calling out Ruyonga, Lyrical G or Benny and Severe, the question we tend to erase is how does he do that? As a lyricist he doesn’t make the statements lightly and easily arrived to because these are all manifestations of a conscious writer (at least for the stylistics of LL underlined in his emcee pen). I mean you never see it coming which he admits to himself-“you never see it coming like Mc Kats dating Fille” on King of Brokenness. His work has been this type that is bold; making statements and for him satisfaction I guess for lacing these intelligent words for good flows.

When King of Brokenness was released on 2nd August, 2015 the reaction to it was obviously fair to the piece of art. Realistically was a dedication to those who tried and never made it up, those successful and bound to probably break. In the lyrically dexterous verses he invokes us to believe we are Kings in our brokenness and this is possible because he mastered the craft of capturing attention with outstanding lines that you never see coming. The beat simply suits his delivery and he sounds broken too when “he gets the flow” a line he uses to show off his ability.

Baby am the Shit…” he brags about his skill if we translate this further he is a braggadocio here and since, many rappers are respected for having a clear delivery LLYBOC is no exception. If you remember the time when windeck remix which featured former college Tucker Hd (of Airportaxi), Peter Miles and Navio you will acknowledge the raw LL, whose skill set of metaphorical vicious lyrics and unapologetic topics have continued to grow even if psychologically he might be broken due to the course of events, pressure and devastating remarks (which he best responds to through this form, RAP MUSIC). But of course it the TEXT we are concerned with.

King Of Brokenness

Then the worst came (as hip hop fans) Open letter was ignored for various reasons that for the sake of Form weren’t satisfying enough. The images that he sought to paint seemed to come out of anger and his higher expectations that for anyone who bothered to look beyond their favorite rapper being blessed with nasty descriptions. If you are to reexamine the content of Open Letter, is it different from the attitudes on Hot 100 another track that seemed like, yet a name dropper’s opportunity to mess with the hot 100 staff then. The ability to observe and create is what LLYBOC is about actually. So the content within the music is created is what many seem to ignore.

If the whole industry decided to answer back LLYBOC I don’t think they would match the art this rapper has decided to assign himself to, it’s a form of his that requires him not to “kiss A**”  which if I am to remind you is another translation of LLYBOC doesn’t follow rules.  If we are to psycho-analyze him however it’s likely that the world he creates might be exactly what he thinks of the given art (Hip Hop), his feelings are expressed despite their nasty appeal and insulting notions that many tag his work to. And since failure to look at the text (hip hop as art) and to analyze the lyrics exposes our hip hop fans (who aren’t always interested in lyrically heavy music). We do know lyrics are part of form aren’t they?

To put this argument more clearer; task yourself to listen to any of LL’s works and especially his Open letter not from the point of view of a skeptical fan of hip hop but, listen for the purpose of discovery, for the sub-genres sake,( Rap/Real Hip Hop) and see what you shall discover. Once again Formalism works that way, even though this attempt to use a literary theory (Formalism) to make people appreciate hip hop, by trying as much to be objective guess must be the first time and challenging thing to do.

To understand LLYBOC; it has to be through listening to his work rather than pay a lot of unnecessary time on his personality for approval. The young man is as talented as anyone good in the industry but doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some clean off and redemption.

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Top Jan Hip Hop + Spoken word releases we loved that you should have by now

Hello welcome back to NuveyLIVE and before i continue happy new month! I must say that for the sake of Ugandan Hip Hop there is progress coming, honestly you would think the  2008-2010 and to  2012 era has been awakened with the events that unveiled last month. In case you didn’t get any of the songs i will list below it should be well with you at least there are links to each of them. This list has a spoken word entry as well and for more information about the entries use the links in the brackets.

And the top releases last month are?

  1. Calm before the Storm- Tucker Hd (Click more info)
  2. Hands in the Stadium 2.0 (H.I.T.S) – CODE (Click for release info)
  3. Black Monday- Benny Black (Benny releases Black Monday)
  4. Kyina – JAQ Deweyi ft Enygma  (Kyina and exploration well delivered )
  5. Pound For Pound – The Sphynx ft The Ginsu (The only Femcee track we Got)
  6. 01 Pound – Play 01
  7. Wrap Up 2015 – Pryce Teeba ( Read about the events he wrapped up)
  8. Drink Party – O.P.U aka Koboko Boy ( Late release But finest visuals we received)
  9. Rusha- King Kaka Ft Navio  and Jay Moe ( EA’s Finest on a collabo With TZ artists)
  10. Mbaawe – 207
  11. The Reminder – Mike256 (formerly known as Play)
  12. Yudah – Bantu Clan
  13. Fit to Lead – George The Poet  produced by Mike256 (Spoken word)
  14. Listen- S.T.R.A.P ft Big Sam (highly slept on track last month by the way)
  15. Revolutionary Bars – Bana Mutibawa ( Bana Wont rest till change comes)

The List was made up by looking at the performance of the tracks themselves online and other media. None the less we all know or should know tracks of 1-5 had good rotation in a short time  Kyina is the less hip hop joint and Fit to lead is the spoken word entry.

Drink Party Video:

[Also Read Top Independence Day Play List]


It is 2016! Time to acess HipHop Together: What do You think is the state so far?

Listening to Pryce Teeba’s 2015 Wrap Up you might guess my response is somewhere between yes or Yup and 75%- Hip hop doing good and having some rotation. Last year was i think the most amazing year for the culture ever since 2008-2011. To compare with the preceding 3 years to 2015 there has been many changes.

That’s my opinion up there, but well as NuveyLIVE we would love to Know what you think in the Poll below:



Will Tucker (@TuckerHDMusic) make another toast’ this year?-We loved it When he Did last Year!

The talented Tucker HD last year had a round of projects coordinated together to give off the final product Tucker Tuesdays Compilation which of course was put out for free. It being a mix tape it included: different tracks such as Boy Friend, UG on my chest (both part one and two), ft Jay Arc and Benny Black & Sonny Sowez respectively. It was well coordinated a project for him last year (2014) and well the year is already getting to its last moon.
Looking back at the energy of the previous year I truly should clarify to you that if Ugandan Hip Hop Awards existed he would be scooping an award regardless the category. A member of the Talent Africa backed AirporTaxi he surely has shown prominence ever since the birth of the group. The same energy is highly comparable with his former college, LLYBOC’s PTLO (Prior To Lift Off) however you will find the difference in flavour as regards content.

“Bout to get dirty yellow pigs in the house you dig? /
This one is for dudes running they mouth/
You don’t want the taxi park right in front of your house/
Am the nice guy mothers warn their daughters about -you dig?”

Tucker had a day for himself or we should say a Tuesday every week to share with his funs and well it insanely ripped off. He jumped on the beat to the song They Don’t Love you no more to give Toast to 2014 as away to show his gratefulness and putting the year behind to prepare for the new year.
So we are wondering will he do something like that for he has been on not so many projects this year without mentioning if he is working on something solo. Well that may not be the big deal, but we think we would truly love Tucker to make it more of a sequel and thus toast to 2015 to. Who wouldn’t want to follow a rap sequel?

Download / Listen To Toast To 2014

Written By Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

Reasons why poor #Branding as an Artist is affecting YOU

“Do you know how long it took me to write bio?”
“Dude three days!”
“Yes yo’ right, and…”


And what is your excuse for having a Bio that has been up on-line or wherever it is for months without re-editing or at least an update. Now i think you’re looking for the person this message is intended. Welcome on board our dear reader/follower/fan/rapper/poet/hip hop producer and in case your are a visitor, NuveyLive got you covered. (Winks)

Last night i was looking for some new content, poetry on line to be specific and new music for review and i landed on a page which i don’t hope to mention with a Bio that i presume has been up for months with grammatical errors. That was a long sentence there ↑↑. I was disturbed for minutes as i tried to make guided interpretations of the first two lines of this individuals’ About. Who am i to reduce him to an ordinary being, i mean it was clear he is a rapper and poet! With all due respect i was put off with this wreck-less behavior.

Now many people will tell you that part of your presence as an artist includes packaging(i said Branding up there i mean the same thing down here too) true that’s a fact you need to consider that. People love to read something about you. To know your journey and inspirations in that it is easy to determine why you write or rap about certain things.  How to COME up with a Bio is so easy like buying an Album you like.

(Note: Navio Just released a new album The Chosen)


HOW  to get my self a good biography?
You can hire someone to do it for you, a person who is good at biography writing or call it profiling the essential things that need to be related to your personality and you as a brand. Some costs will be incurred(It isn’t your Chapati guy).You can also do it your self and cut costs and reduce the chances of lying through someone else, meaning you will have to be honest men! Make sure to revisit your bio at least for updates, clarity and certainty of the grammatical errors. A friend would be helpful to go through it for you. You could ask google BTW.


Hey but i have done all that.
Then you are lucky. If you haven’t done that something must be wrong, and most likely its your profile i saw. The EFFECT of having information that isn’t well written, packaged,outlined and organized won’t be good and will also say a lot about your personality. Honestly the rapper or poet might have good material but neglect of language use (grammar)while writing could be a threat to yo next fan. And if your really lying in your profile it may be very had for you to account for that. What i can leave behind for you is Twakuggudemu  the song even when i know Nakuggudemu ( its you i landed on)

Part two on  Branding continues…

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Written by Ayella NuveyShawn

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

In case you didnot read Chimey’s Message to Mr Silas aka Babaluku

Many times young artists get through so many challanges such as exploitation, abuse and related evils. In most cases as a result of them exchanging their spiritual, emotional and physical self so that they could achieve success as artists. With hiphop this (as regards the evils) has really never been something thought of or manifested because the community is filled with love.


Last week Thursday, Dec 11 Buka chimey shared with the world his pain and possible trauma that he might have gone through under Babaluku ( in his hands under Bavubaka foundation) The issues are centered around exploitation, possible stealing and owning of Bantu Clan ideas. The lengthy message  covers Chimey’s experience and  why Bantu clan is’nt so functional matter of fact they (Bantu Clan /Chimey) don’t want to have any thing to do with him.

The final remark is interestingly a humble and quite touching one.


He is grateful for the good things that where done for him.

As NuveyLive we are glad that an Emcee was able to open up to address what he felt and what he thought wasnt right. I mean the message is clear no abusive address just a humbled emcee expressing- isnt hiphop about freedom of expression?
And this should be a lesson to the world wether it did or didnot happen, always say out something that is really pressing and wrong for your health, spiritual,economical(even though the money is good but is it the right way you are getting it)and social being.


It should however be noted that Babaluku Says it never happened.
Click to Read the whole letter

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

Who would have thought?-Babaluku calls Sylvester and Abramz the wackest emcees EVER

Last weekend Babaluku aka SIlas Balabyekkubo was hosted on Touch Fm’s HipHop show by @SoSevere [every Saturday from 6-8pm] and well he had plenty to say (for lack of a better word) , from a comment on Who killed HipHop?, and the issues of the alledged beef on Sylvester and Abramz and then to Chimey.

And not to forget The 15th Annual  hiphop Summit is here again slated for  26 Dec at at Sabrinas Pub.


The talk stemed from Abramz’s Twakugudemu which he made fun of and technically called him chicken. For a long time we were (infact still) wondering who the song by Abramz was addressed to, but with Babaluku’s response you would think it was addressed to him. In his opinion he said for a good Diss-song, you need to address a name to it and he maintained  that Twakugudemu is subliminal but still unclear as a diss song.

Is Mr Silas saying Abramz is a coward on the mic?


I am no charity Joint, … dude is chicken…am not callin him out i just wanna let him know

Its is interesting how he says, to prove he is good at his mic game  he would face Abramz and his whole team. “Five of his guys” Give him his beats as Abrams does the same and they do new albums on the other persons beats.

Part one of the interview Below;

NOTE:Part one was centered around issues that are not much connected to the remarks he made about the artists in question. Like rapping in native languages and his thoughts on who killed hiphop

Continue reading

Political or Not here is Bonga Nange (Straight spit) by St. Nelly-sade & Agee

Tubonga Nawe , Tetubonga Nawe, and now the new cousin Bonga Nange for the rest of this year have to be part of many of politically aware people and music enthusiasts. As the country prepares for the 2016 Elections the ideal Presidential candidate is actually a serious avenue for debate.


Wait lets not go political.

BONGA NANGE  is socially correct a song. The video is shot at one of kampalas rooftop as the two share their concerns that range from present day relationships and their natures, in about the first quarter of the song. They highlight promiscuity and the related. The conversational piece highlights the success of St Nelly Sade’s Album Stories of Elevation which he personally admits as he asks Agee what happened to Love the EP. They show some copies of S.O.E too, this video is believed to have been shot last month on Nelly Sade’s open Kampala Sale of Stories Of Elavation (S.O.E)
And then some social concerns follow…

Politics or Not!
Well the main Agenda is on who should you vote for come 2016 in the Elections. This is some how laid out implicitly in the different verses and the bridge of the song.
Nelly speaks of the kind of person he can vote or bonga with (in this context and more) due to social(public) support(needs) and ensuring service delivery for the local people.


And what does Agee Say?
First we need to thumb up Agee for switching her lingo into spitting in uninterrupted Luganda and clearly highlighting who she would support. She says if the women have to be supported in away not left out. As a Nabakyala she speaks out on gender equality by putting forward that politicians have to support the women too. She is also tired of tear gas at campasi [campus] as she puts it.

All this is presented in a less inclined way and so its not about which party but which public needs are being represented.

Do you think hiphop is serving a purpose in steering a meaningful election next year?

Ps: its produced by Drift, St Nelly Sade is part of Luga Flow Army whose other member,Bana Mutibwa did Tetubonga Nawe.

Watch the video below