‘Silent Depression’ to screen 19 March at the Amakula International Film Festival

The wonderful spoken word piece that was written and performed by Malcom has so far broken a number of borders for Nes Motion Media  and the Ghetto Film Project. It stars a number of Hip Hop acts like Tushi Polo, Agee, and a number of individuals that associate with the cause, Ghetto Film Project. Out of the many movies made last year and the year that precedes we are glad to have a hip Hop, Spoken word related short film to be featured on this prestigious event.

The film which is about “A 20-year-old guy that feels like he is hit by a midlife crisis and decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery in a crowded city” will be shown on;

  • Date: Saturday – 19th March 2016
  • Time: 4:30pm
  • Venue: Museum Exhibition Hall
  • Director: George Stanley Nsamba
  • Run time: 11mins 26secs
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English


Which is directed by Malcom’s mentor George Stanely Nsamba which has seen the young poet/rapper have a land-marking piece among young enthusiasts of the genre. All the best to the Ghetto Film Project!!

Kelele @Makerere Poetry Night is a Poetic Noise hosted every fortnight Friday at MUK Art Gallery

By the name of the this ever-growing poetry night one is immediately struck by the employment of rhyme and insightfully a glimpse of what transpires at Makerere’s Art gallery is boldly embedded in the title Kelele At Makerere. A night that was inspired and started by a Legal Student Donald Maasa and his colleagues in 2015’s last quarter is aimed at changing the view people have about the prestigious University.

Makerere University is synonymous with Kelele which loosely translates to noise from Swahili and according to Donald the poetry night is aimed at giving poets and related artists to create a rather distinct sound which in his words loves to call “poetic noise”. The event takes place every fortnight on a Friday and as i write this, it is only two days to the next event/ poetry night. A number of renowned acts have graced this steady growing and insightful event like Fagil Mandy(former UNEB Chairman), Slim MC(poet,spoken word artist) and others. The future of this event seems so bright as so many of the poets are determined to share their spoken truth on a number of diverse topics including politics, love and other socially burning topics.

The beauty of Kelele @ Makerere is that from its inception numbers have increased and most importantly the theme driven nights give the different nights purpose. The poets are often joined by Spoken word artists and rappers too to give the noise a higher sense of poeticalness. Surprisingly there is no fee charged to the different performances or nights for it is totally free and the only fee is UShs 0/= plus your presence. A small collection is only asked from well wishers and open to anyone who enjoys poetic noise.

For anyone interested in a poetry night that is so far well-coordinated and dedicated to change the views people have about Makerere University and Life generally(since these poets deliver from points of view that are from different walks of life), Kelele should be on your menu. The event takes place at Makerere Art Gallery at the School of Industrial and Fine Art from 7 pm-10 pm.

For this week of Women’s day on Friday 11 2016 there will be a Night to celebrate Women/females in general through a lot of poetry.


George the Poet asks, who is fit to Lead? (spoken word Prod by Mike256)

As we move closer to the 2016 Ugandan elections so many issues have been raised here and there. Bana Mutibwa being among the few activists to speak about politics boldly we have another quite objective spoken word piece Fit to lead from George the Poet. This poem serves as an iniative to use poetry to speak to the masses to try scan their selections.

George presents to us the motion of reflection as regards the candidates seeking our votes or our support. With the amazing work of Mike256 (formely known as Play) this production allows George to deliver his views with a story telling. Events highlighted are of the most competitive three presidential candidates ( incumbent President Museveni, Dr. Kiiza Besiege and Amama Mbabazi without subjecting the intention of the argument. And so to bring forth the rhetoric who is fit to lead? 

Written and Performed by GEORGE MPANGA Produced by MICHAEL MATOVU 

Additional Vocals/Lyrics by TONYA AHENDA
Additional Guitar by DAVID RUJOJO

Source : Mike256


Stream Search Party by George The Poet

You cant help but get captivated by the wonderful poetry that George The Poet always presents in his projects. Search Party the spoken word piece is also the title of his book that has a collection of poems. He is best known for socially being motivated and his relation with the things that he views and gets in contact with. He launched the Poetry collection Search Party about three months ago.george t po

PHOTO CREDIT: cheltenhamfestivals.com

Real name George Mpanga, he is a British citizen of Ugandan decency who was nominated for best African International Act at BET (Black Entertainment Awards) together with Eddy Kenzo.

I gave you the manifesto of my Search Party
Please read the pages
My policies focus on social enterprise
Better education and decent wages
And as long as you wanna be courageous
Promise you we’re gonna see some changes
I said I promise you we’re gonna see some changes

The lines above are part of the Poem which justifies his motivations watch it below:


Silent Depression Short Film was Shot and released about two months ago by Nes Motion Media as it highlights a young Mans frustrations and depressions. Appearances From St Nelly Sade, Agee aka Her Royal Highness and more in the short film.

“Its a Ugandan Short Film,a story of a 20 year old guy feeling so depressed because feels he has come short on his goals but on his journey to self discovery in a crowded city he is up to shock when he discovers it has less to do with him but most to do with the smartphone he holds” Nes Motion Media Published on Jun 20, 2015


AS social media continues to please the young Generation which gets frustrated and become more miserable as technology isn’t everything as regards to social bonding. Having watched the Video you will Realise what our community has become. The voice that tells the story is of Malcom aka Mal X, a Ugandan Rapper.