Tushi Polo’s Bitter Past-A True Story of a young girl Struggling with daily hassles

On Episode 10 Tushi Polo premiered her new song Bitter Past which is a very personal song and yet relate-able by any one. She prefers to let you listen to the song (as she revealed on the show) and vibe to it if you can within the confines of the experience she presents.The song is produced and recorded at Urban Aksent  ( Benricktheproducer ) with well laid out snares and string sounds that allow her to give the track uninterrupted delivery. Melody from the strings making you nostalgic is evident as she feeds us with the Bitter past.

Bitter past was inspired by a true story of a young girl who struggles
on a daily to battle life trials, fear,pain, rejection, mental
enslavement that she witnessed as she grew up living the side B of
life. —Tushi Polo

This track is so pure from an experience that whether hypothetical or not elevates you to the level of wanting to burst out of the confines whatever is holding you to trying to sing along; hum some lines with her. Do listen to it!

Tushi Polo Performing  Bitter Past

Download Audio here

H.A.B.O drops Visuals for M.O.N.A (Minister Of Nocturnal Affairs) title track

Ntinda must be proud of its very own H.A.B.O (also written as HABO) upon this release of M.O.N.A. After a successful year for the Ntinda Movement best known as NTM and also Ntinda rappers who are not so affiliated to the concrete movement, NTM. The power balance obviously was snatched from Rubaga for the whole year everybody knows it. With projects such as Side Ze’eno and the NTM Cypher which feature H.A.B.O him self gave the suburban town the appeal it sought for.

H.A.B.O dropped M.O.N.A his debut tape which features the title track, Minister Of Nocturnal Affairs produced by Sliq Teq. The visuals are an expression of the wild and hippy life style that this bold  rapper paints in his music and a raw cut of probably the chill time of an average Ntida-ian. Appearances from Mickey Solo, Pryce and Sliq Teq among other, hint on the tight squad-man-ship of these rappers even though accepting H’s fashion sense may be some thing of later discussion. The idea of nocturnal-ism is still something to ponder about more even though the after lights idea is made possible with the haze and its clear to realize that. (hoping to get him to discuss it)

Well conceptualized, Enjoy!!!

Rewind of the Day: Crash & Burn-MYS Natty Ft Atlas & Gasuza

It’s about five years and this track still feels fresh and sounds ideally great due to the attention that was paid on its quality production at Bush fire Records. The Track has MYS Natty who sings the hook which makes her the right rnb voice for the two controversial rappers, Atlas and Gasuza ( who happens to have directed the official video). The song came at a time when i think we could say ” Ugandan Hip Hop was enjoying a Golden era”. I mean who doesn’t remember the period of 2008-2011. Personally i think 2011 had marked a certain level of Ugandan hip hop that in the years that came a head not so much quality  hip hop was being made though 2015 was exceptional.

Burn is a lovely song about a relation that is gone bad with no hope of being reinstated hence the notion ” crush and burn”. Atlas who raps of his “living fast” vocalise’s the life of a person / rapper who is ambitious chasing more than they can fathom and ignoring a number of things and ends up crushing. That is justified with Gasuza adding up with “the relationship is no longer healthy” and so he goes his way and she to hers.


St Nelly Sade sells 1000 copies of ‘Stories of Elevation-Omulondo n’engero’

St Nelly Sade took to his social media account (FB) the great news, having sold 1000 copies of Stories of Elevation also known as Omulondo n’engero. The album which was released last year (2015) on 20 February  had amazing tracks that contributed to his continued satisfaction of Ugandan ears that demand for stories by real story tellers. The hip hop heads of course will use statements like ” he is a great lyricist”. Definitely and an amazing story-teller! The 18 track album has continued to set the bar as one of best organic and well-stretched luga flow albums in the country so far( this doesn’t mean Koi Koi and Ziva Muntuuyo by GNL and Sylvester are not in mind)

The album that features rappers such as The Mith, Patrobas, Moth, Agee and singers such as Sonny Sowez is highly relate-able that it selling 1000 copies might have been a long wait. That is if you consider the packaged content (music). But well finally that’s another win for hip hop and we hope to keep score of units like this. The Bwosumagira singer besides making some bucks off his creative work S.O.E is also nominated in the Galaxy Fm powered Zzina Awards. 

Watch Nina Plan Off S.O.E- St Nelly Sade ft Moth:


New Video| ‘Honarable Muuki’ by Survivor ft Tracy Noel is a Satire well delivered

The sinister actions of a number of politicians on this one has been manipulated to form the subject matter of this track by Survivor (veteran rapper now rapporter with NTV News Beat) ft Tracy Noel. On a Koz N Effekt beat Survivor raps in a persona of a politician who is corrupt, in human and indifferent wait these must mean the same thing so I will let you add to the list actually! We all know elections are around the corner this satirical piece is the perfect edutaining song we need as a follow-up of Fit to Lead by George.

The video has Survivor giving us a caricature of the greedy politicians and there motives in a voice that is in confession, you would think we should pity them since politicians have problems like the need to cater for their wives and mistresses. He raps in Luganda but good enough the subtitles are provided. Tracy on this song acts as the ridiculing voice that completes the satire to bring to our attention that Honorable ( any politician out there abusing office) is not representing the people but himself or personal goals.

The video has garnered about 1k view in two days! It is pretty hilarious to watch, but isn’t that what a satirical piece of work is made of ?

Enjoy video below:


Enygma, Play 01, The Sphynx, Rudende and others share thoughts on #TuckerVsCode on Severely Yours Tv

If you are reading this you must be knowing about the beef between Tucker + Benny Black vs CODE that was much fueled with the release of Black Monday and Later CBTS NOT TO FORGET  H.I.T.S 2.0 which wrapped it all. In case you don’t know about the INTERNET breaking event i wonder where you are- i mean the beef shadowed a number of events in the country for example Navio had a collaboration song with King Kaka Released last week!

So Severe on his Exclusive got together different rappers ( that is Enygma, Play o1 and The Sphynx) and other personalities in media like Mr Skillz and Rudended (of X Fm) to share there thoughts. Enygma and The Sphynx found it entertaining and quite motivational that the rappers served us with highly lyrical tracks last week. Play 01 who seemingly quotes Benny Black in his opinion that the beef was good but the reactions werent much called for ( his statement is the version of Benny’s lines on Black monday: )

Rudende sounds sort of surprised and well in his words may be ”We were taken for a ride” and Dennis Assimwe found it hilarious and he believes it was ‘Manufactured’ and as a gimmick it was probably clever and with time it will be more transparent.

Listen to All these via Severely Yours TV


O.P.U / @Opumusic releases the official Video for ‘Drink Party’

It has been a good week for hip hop this past week which was graced by an  awakening beef between three rappers #Under25, CODE, Tucker HD and Benny Black. For More on that HERE. Having released the trailer in the same week, O.P.U aka Koboko Boy officially released the video both online and on NTV’s the beat 29 January 2016 ( so it premiered on The Beat in other words).

The single that is off his forth coming album Half Street Half Corporate is shot by an award-winning director Sasha Vybz of Savvy Films ( won a HiPiPo award for best video Producer 2016). The video is so far a manifestation of progress for  hip hop visuals by most rappers so far. In the words of my boys it is an indicator of levels that done changed. Commercial as it may be, according to O.P.U it’s some how also away to pay bills.(i hope you get what i mean)

The atmosphere is of a house party sort of scene with many beautiful girls having a blast and definitely drinking at the party my bad the song is actually called Drink Party. 

Watch Below:


Bana Mutibwa wont rest ’till change comes: Watch Revolutionary Bars Episode 1


You all Know Bana Mutibwa aka Revolutionary activist. Last year he opposed or challenged the Tobonga nawe song that was showing artists support for the President. In his opposition on Tetubonga nawe  he pointed out that the artists move was hypocritical. As a revolutionist he has continued through rap to sensitize the masses as he believes there has to be change.

Political or Not Enjoy:

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN


Rewind of the day: Watch Payne Keelah perform ‘African Assasin’

The creative Payne Keelah dropped his Ep 16*16 =256 Bars last year November, 16 2015 and according to us he had one of the most thoughtful projects and titles last year of course not to ignore Futuristic Past and Kambajulire (Mixtape). Below is a video of Him performing African Assassin at Nirvana Bar a song which is off his debut Ep and it is track two. Payne could be one of the most important rappers in the country if continues with the creative mind.

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