AJO(@Ajojam) Shoots Video to KAMIKAZE [see pics]

AJO finally shoots his first ever visuals for his single Kamikaze , which is off the forthcoming EP NO APOLOGIES. The project is still underway with a number of more singles being produced.


Kamikaze  to many reviews(ers) on other website  was a track attacking other rappers is produced by Nase Avatar of Portbell Drive Music. The visuals are being done by Egostatic Media. The raw and heavy hitting song as regards its lyrics will have the video released later this year or next year as a close friend to the Kamikaze rapper disclosed to us.


I spoke to him about the experience he remarked:

Boss! Its a dope feeling. Man i appreciate the feedback on the audio and yeah we building the genre more. The video is a mark man!


All statesment were aspirated for he was excited with the action at the shoot last night (16 November 2015). Expect an amazing one anf if you haven’t listened to the audio stream or Download below.

Political or Not here is Bonga Nange (Straight spit) by St. Nelly-sade & Agee

Tubonga Nawe , Tetubonga Nawe, and now the new cousin Bonga Nange for the rest of this year have to be part of many of politically aware people and music enthusiasts. As the country prepares for the 2016 Elections the ideal Presidential candidate is actually a serious avenue for debate.


Wait lets not go political.

BONGA NANGE  is socially correct a song. The video is shot at one of kampalas rooftop as the two share their concerns that range from present day relationships and their natures, in about the first quarter of the song. They highlight promiscuity and the related. The conversational piece highlights the success of St Nelly Sade’s Album Stories of Elevation which he personally admits as he asks Agee what happened to Love the EP. They show some copies of S.O.E too, this video is believed to have been shot last month on Nelly Sade’s open Kampala Sale of Stories Of Elavation (S.O.E)
And then some social concerns follow…

Politics or Not!
Well the main Agenda is on who should you vote for come 2016 in the Elections. This is some how laid out implicitly in the different verses and the bridge of the song.
Nelly speaks of the kind of person he can vote or bonga with (in this context and more) due to social(public) support(needs) and ensuring service delivery for the local people.


And what does Agee Say?
First we need to thumb up Agee for switching her lingo into spitting in uninterrupted Luganda and clearly highlighting who she would support. She says if the women have to be supported in away not left out. As a Nabakyala she speaks out on gender equality by putting forward that politicians have to support the women too. She is also tired of tear gas at campasi [campus] as she puts it.

All this is presented in a less inclined way and so its not about which party but which public needs are being represented.

Do you think hiphop is serving a purpose in steering a meaningful election next year?

Ps: its produced by Drift, St Nelly Sade is part of Luga Flow Army whose other member,Bana Mutibwa did Tetubonga Nawe.

Watch the video below

Stream Search Party by George The Poet

You cant help but get captivated by the wonderful poetry that George The Poet always presents in his projects. Search Party the spoken word piece is also the title of his book that has a collection of poems. He is best known for socially being motivated and his relation with the things that he views and gets in contact with. He launched the Poetry collection Search Party about three months ago.george t po

PHOTO CREDIT: cheltenhamfestivals.com

Real name George Mpanga, he is a British citizen of Ugandan decency who was nominated for best African International Act at BET (Black Entertainment Awards) together with Eddy Kenzo.

I gave you the manifesto of my Search Party
Please read the pages
My policies focus on social enterprise
Better education and decent wages
And as long as you wanna be courageous
Promise you we’re gonna see some changes
I said I promise you we’re gonna see some changes

The lines above are part of the Poem which justifies his motivations watch it below:

Rewind of the Day:All I Wanna Know BY Klear Kut Ft Juliana Kanyomozi

Off the album Mind Body and Soul , All i wanna was one of the pioneering tracks by klear Kut including Super star ft Bebecool. The song was released in about ten years ago and honestly speak volumes even after. It says alot about the journey the first Ugandan hiphop group to get a Kora Award and Nomination.

The amazing voice of Juliana on the hook gave it that sensational feel like of Sonny sowez on hip hop tracks.

If you appreciate this retrospect then you know Ugandan HipHop has come from far even though being one of the youngest genres in the country has many aspirants as i keep saying. This post is to inspire the youngens  that they need to look up some of the originators and emulate them.

Watch and Enjoy


The Touch Down cypher honestly had been the most anticipated project from Urban Aksent right after the audio was released three months ago.  Its video was highly anticipated and this made it one of the most anticipated and patiently waited for cypher video.



It features Battle Mc Nes-G, Jhay Effekt, Sulphiric, NI, St Nelly-Sade,Rugged Made, Krac Bone, Agee, Lethal &T-Bro ( together Urban Aksent)

Watch below;

Rewind Of the Day: Power by GNL Zamba

Power released about three years ago as a single and the first attempt on an animated hiphop video (cartoonised) if there is any other this one was the first attempt. The video simply is in cartoon with a few real still images of GNL and his then team (Big Trill, Mun G)

Am the lord of the ring

I am not a slave am a king

The opening lines of the song reasonate with the fact that he was reigning at that time ad the most valuable hiphop and yet the best Luga-Flow trafficker. He is still one of the most established hiphop artists in the country right now.

Real name Ernest Zamba, GNL became the first Rapper to have a well recieved  commercial Album koi koi and which was possible with the success of his single Soda and the rest that followed. He has two very succesfull albums to his belt including koi koi and Speaking Venarcular.

GNL Zamba – Power :

Rewind of the Day: Balance of Power( B.O.P) by Urban Aksent

At this point in time Ugandan hiphop music had rounds of events happening like hiphop beefs, and other related activities. Balance of Power was released in 2011 as it served as a counter reaction to the alleged death of competition at a time when many emcees had so much going on. Competition is Dead that features various artists had rotation for a while untill the releaseof this Urban Aksent Music project that featured Krack Bone, Rugged ,Sulfuric, NI, Atlas, Lethal and Bema.


It was a well delivered song as regards content and the video actually got a nomination at the first Club Music Video awards in 2011. The project really played a significant role at the time it was released. Some how the balance of power in the hiphop community was realised and a sense of healthy competition was eventuallg bred among most rap camps.

B O P  by Urban Arksent Music :

Benezeri puts out Togwamu Suubi Oficial Music Video Ft Sandra Suubi & Sam Bisaso

Benezeri on his pursuit to make positive music teams up with Sandra Suubi &
Sam Bisaso to make Togwamu Suubi. He released the official video on his you tube channel- Benezeri Tv yesterday Oct 13. This song is one of those inspiration songs that call for hope especially among the youth as they  go through a number of challenges. The idea behind the video aims at highlighting the  issues in our communities at the ground level of the lowest person.

And truly this sign off ” tomorrow can never be the same”  is so true and remarkable.

Togwamu Suubi (Oficial Music Video)


Feel Good Music Album By Lyrical G was released Last Year July which adds on to the list of Albums on the Ugandan Emcee’s Belt. It is his eighth studio album and the most melodic of all. #FEELGOODMUSIC is a Ten track album and #GEEZY is Track 4(Four).

The Video for GEEZY  was up on Youtube at the end of Last Month or you can say Towards the end, Aug 29, 2015 which makes it the second Video off the Feel Good Music Album.