Exploring avenues: Race T’s-Ani Asinga + Lyrics (free Download)

Race T has her thing going on as she clearly hinted and promised the last time we had over here on Episode 7. Ani Asinga is mind-blowing and this rap diversity she takes up is an avenue that few Christian rappers explore. The idea of turn up music given a more positive and Christian approach just got better with Ani Asinga  which is produced  by Ernesto & Rix. The young rapper laces very well luganda lines, together with the usual English spit game we from her. The track is off her forth coming Ep which is titled  Sanctuary  according to our source

The track speaks volumes from the first bar and  beat. It is safe to let you download it and follow with the lyrics to get the point here as you will turn up in Christ.



Amplified music

Verse one

Ooooh halla
Ernesto on the beat
God is on ma back, yes he is the best
Big king , he is better than rest
Mukama i give you ma heart
Nkwehaire twala obwomeezi bwange
Nebwemba hansi nyimuche ahaiguru
Woo he is better than rest
Everybody around me has seen me so changed aaah
Matter of fact, he is better than rest
Yesu oliwami nosinga abadi
Yeah i give ma soul, ma soul , ma soul ma soul soul

Am queening like on bee sting
Jesus everywhere i go he’s even on my wrist bing(band) (what)
He’s been real you can see no syking
He is the best Jesus am one of the many offsprings (what)


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo (*2)

Verse two

Yono eyanzija kukwepaanka
Yono andetera esanyu lyolaba nina
Kyova olaba buli lwenyimba mba muwaana
Hahaha nsekerera owensi ampalana
Atamanyi omukwano gwenina omulwanyi gwenina okwagala geemanyi gabakubisa.
Sigwa balondemu gubeera gwa buli omu.
Omukwano gwagaba jangu jaali ogugwemu… Goberera ekubo etuufu onyikire kigambo kye onazibwe mumusaayi gwe omutukuvu.
Kulwe kisa kye yampita ntyo nenzija
Yaza buja emeeme yange engeriye njilojja
Kyenva ntenda erinya lye nalaba kitaangala. Nengoberera musufu yabansingira
Yekatonda gwensinza omu antegeera
Akebera emitima tafa ku ki kyendabika.


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo (*2)

Verse three

I got fire (wat)put it on my father tho
All the applause men i give it to ma papa tho
Name is jesus ampaire aka kaseko (lo)
Ngwaile ahansi ankwise ha mukono thou
Aii hakuba Race T mukuleeba hanu daughter of the most team
Iam never gettin down men am on fleek
I got power no limit just blame it on gee
See i go hard on a freestyle or a capella
Couple lines am a lecrea on that rac -a- fella
Holy lines on the floor you pick em up ain’t no mandella
Jesus got me doing this fire men u ma fella/ hola

Am queening like on bee sting
Jesus everywhere i go he’s even on my wrist bing(band) (what)
He’s been real you can see no syking
He is the best Jesus am one of the many offsprings (what)


Who da best? Yesu Kristo
The only one I serve ? Yesu Kristo
Katonda gwe nsiinza? Yesu Kristo
Omulwanyi namigge? Yesu Kristo(*2)



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Episode 9|HUL- The Art of Sampling: Nase Avatar’s take

Nase Avatar is no stranger to the NuveyLIVE Pod-casts; this time round I hit him up to talk about a few things on what he has been doing and a number of interesting things going on. He is apparently listening to a lot of NTM, Gravitity and Mun G.Well S.T.R.A.P’s abstract sound, new releases from Nelly Sade, Flex D’Paper , the Telling My Story Project and  Sampling, which took up most of our conversation which was quiet informative as regards the insight gave us about sampling. Episode 9 has so much for you because you will get to know more like what exactly the Telling My Story project was about and the future of this initiative as revealed by Nase.

Tracks like Msinde, Kigozi, Kila siku and AJO’s Aphrodite which hasn’t yet been released took most of the samples conversation. This Episode will be a great study for most who don’t understand the art of sampling, what it means to sample and the great benefits of sampling. One interesting thing is that samples help us keep track of our Ugandan hip hop and music at large. And you will realize sampling is part of hip hop’s historical inventions made famous by Deejaying.

Apparently Nase says his best sampled track is Kila siku LP (prod Stone Town) and I was down for KigoziNavio and some of S.T.R.A.P’s music none the less you can leave a comment of what you think of this episode. You can also tell us your favorite track with the best samples in the comment section.

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Download: Show Some Love by Fenrico Lugga

Life is Short! so we need love one another so love your neighbor” are the introductory lines of this poetic piece by Fenrico Lugga and marks as an indication of his heart-felt concern for a loving society. With melody put in mind he sings and raps on this one particularly in Rukiiga to call onto people to share some love. He hints on the need to have a harmonious society which is possible with love and listening to this you would agree more. It’s a beautiful piece strengthened by the backdrop of the grand piano sounds  even the singing takes most part any hip hop head will still love to listen to this.

Download (5.1mbs)

Is LLYBOC the only rapper Formalism defends even after the clarity on Ntinda Anthem?

Written By Ayella N Robert |

Pryce Teeba put it clearly on his 2015 wrap up that “open Letter ya double L te’bajiiwa matu” which loosely translates to: LLYBOC’s Open Letter was not listened to or attention to it was nonexistent as per Teeba’s view. Yes it wasn’t listened to due to a number of projects that were highly anticipated including; the UG Cypher 2 which LLYBOC had summarized in a mathematical equation upon its release, other projects overshadowed it too especially the projects from Ntinda rappers and major releases at the time it was released.

For anyone who listened to Ntinda Anthem, vibed to it and somehow felt a part of Ntinda (even though you don’t hail from there),-and when you listened to Open Letter and King Of Brokenness and asked yourself questions on whether LLYBOC is against everybody_ Shame on you. On Ntinda Anthem LL clearly puts, “I don’t follow rules” and in a conversation I engaged in with him and rapper AJO (sometime last year) he always spoke with this very attitude. This doesn’t mean he will wake up to break the law, but it’s his way of expressing himself through hip hop spoken form rap, which is a form that he has artistry in for a rapper like him.

Of course the part I should start answering is what this article is about starts here. LLYBOC might be among the few Ugandan rappers whose art can be critiqued for what they are, or their form. And for starters Formalism is a literary theory that seeks for answers within the produced. Looks at a text (art, in this case hip hop) for what it is and in most cases critiquing it within its genre and ideally ignoring other aspects such as the author or his background. Now how this is related, you may ask? True! For this case we substitute all LLYBOC’s work for the TEXT or that piece of ART. In this case I am mostly interested in Open Letter and King of Brokenness which a number of fans didn’t react too positively or even viewed as a rappers weakest form of expression WHY?

Open Letter:

When some call him a mere name dropper on his tracks or say he is only calling out Ruyonga, Lyrical G or Benny and Severe, the question we tend to erase is how does he do that? As a lyricist he doesn’t make the statements lightly and easily arrived to because these are all manifestations of a conscious writer (at least for the stylistics of LL underlined in his emcee pen). I mean you never see it coming which he admits to himself-“you never see it coming like Mc Kats dating Fille” on King of Brokenness. His work has been this type that is bold; making statements and for him satisfaction I guess for lacing these intelligent words for good flows.

When King of Brokenness was released on 2nd August, 2015 the reaction to it was obviously fair to the piece of art. Realistically was a dedication to those who tried and never made it up, those successful and bound to probably break. In the lyrically dexterous verses he invokes us to believe we are Kings in our brokenness and this is possible because he mastered the craft of capturing attention with outstanding lines that you never see coming. The beat simply suits his delivery and he sounds broken too when “he gets the flow” a line he uses to show off his ability.

Baby am the Shit…” he brags about his skill if we translate this further he is a braggadocio here and since, many rappers are respected for having a clear delivery LLYBOC is no exception. If you remember the time when windeck remix which featured former college Tucker Hd (of Airportaxi), Peter Miles and Navio you will acknowledge the raw LL, whose skill set of metaphorical vicious lyrics and unapologetic topics have continued to grow even if psychologically he might be broken due to the course of events, pressure and devastating remarks (which he best responds to through this form, RAP MUSIC). But of course it the TEXT we are concerned with.

King Of Brokenness

Then the worst came (as hip hop fans) Open letter was ignored for various reasons that for the sake of Form weren’t satisfying enough. The images that he sought to paint seemed to come out of anger and his higher expectations that for anyone who bothered to look beyond their favorite rapper being blessed with nasty descriptions. If you are to reexamine the content of Open Letter, is it different from the attitudes on Hot 100 another track that seemed like, yet a name dropper’s opportunity to mess with the hot 100 staff then. The ability to observe and create is what LLYBOC is about actually. So the content within the music is created is what many seem to ignore.

If the whole industry decided to answer back LLYBOC I don’t think they would match the art this rapper has decided to assign himself to, it’s a form of his that requires him not to “kiss A**”  which if I am to remind you is another translation of LLYBOC doesn’t follow rules.  If we are to psycho-analyze him however it’s likely that the world he creates might be exactly what he thinks of the given art (Hip Hop), his feelings are expressed despite their nasty appeal and insulting notions that many tag his work to. And since failure to look at the text (hip hop as art) and to analyze the lyrics exposes our hip hop fans (who aren’t always interested in lyrically heavy music). We do know lyrics are part of form aren’t they?

To put this argument more clearer; task yourself to listen to any of LL’s works and especially his Open letter not from the point of view of a skeptical fan of hip hop but, listen for the purpose of discovery, for the sub-genres sake,( Rap/Real Hip Hop) and see what you shall discover. Once again Formalism works that way, even though this attempt to use a literary theory (Formalism) to make people appreciate hip hop, by trying as much to be objective guess must be the first time and challenging thing to do.

To understand LLYBOC; it has to be through listening to his work rather than pay a lot of unnecessary time on his personality for approval. The young man is as talented as anyone good in the industry but doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some clean off and redemption.

Links else where: Formalism

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6AM In Nairobi By Flex D’Paper (Freestyle)

Needless to add any details to what Flex D’ Paper decided to come back with from Nairobi including Tind Badi Malo he seems to have come back with also a clear perspective and mission. The Navio mentored rapper with his will to be the fresh prince from Kampala slays this one with the mighty touch of Baru. The point of view is what i think Flex needed to have for it has been a while without him releasing new music. He gives us a glimpse of what he has been doing in Nairobi, his circle and team 3:12 which is remarkable.

Please do enjoy with the lyrics below.

Time check 6AM in Nairobi
Still in the smoke zone with bad galz in the lobby
Got two gals on they knees that are ready to blow me
While my gal In kla city texting me that she lonely ..Oooh
Montana thoughts like as though am Tonny
Planning to cash checks from these dudes that owe me
squad ball hard, so they treat us like Kobe
Keeping the circle small we not dealing with phonys .. Noo
Am just being precise
On the 19th floor at the best restaurants
And order foods with names that we can’t pronounce
Then head back to bad broads that we left at the house .. Ouch
This is Ether with a twist of Takeover
Dust to dust with a bit of composure  Location kempiski villa rosa
So bring it on, we strapped I got soldiers
The homey Aeth got me like my uncle Phil
Still, the fresh prince, I got the Will
To Eat up the competition like am having a Meal
So Fellow rappers telling me That wasn’t part of the deal
They tell u lies I bring u facts
I had to expose them mc Kats
Am in the cut VIP am cooling with madtraxx
He told me am a leader so I gotta to play my part
First position while I see them coming last
Winners circle With Cleo at skylux

The Mith told me young homey relax
If u talk about the cash u might get us taxed
I Got Navio on the cell, like nigga just Come thru
The sankara top floor we cooling with bamboo
Talking about rap and we making boss moves
Surrounded by the best, my nigga I can’t lose
Was getting booed am now paid for  Verses
Skooling these dudes am now paid for classes
Got lose screws I burn mics to ashes
Its fire in the booth Charlie sloth would love this (perfect)


I said its fire in the booth Charlie Sloth would love it  (perfect)
We don’t do that backpack rap fam
We don’t do that over here
It’s  bout the numbers fam
RAPAHOLIX on this one
It’s the battalion
Baru Beats on this one

Lyrics Source : Flex D’ Paper

Crossingborders: Ting Badi Malo– Flex D’Paper x Khaligraph Jones x Chris Kantai

EA with no doubt vibed to the unbwogable(still don’t know what that means clearly) sounds of Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Ting Badi Malo which is the area of concern here. Flex D’ Paper Crossed the border to Kenya for various issues, and happened to get  together with kenya’s Khaligrapgh Jones and Chris Kantai to make what you would call a remix or rather a hip hop make  over with 808’s emphasized.

From the 256 but I also shut it down in the 254
They play Amateur,[but Khaligraph n I ] mehn we only play pro

Flex doesn’t disappoint on this one, not the usual average flow and neither is it the slaying expected from him-thumbs up!. All together the two artists complement themselves on this more exotic and yet still indigenous track- because the hook Ting Badi malo is maintained from the original. Ting Badi Malo is a Jaluo phrase to mean Put your hand up.

For the good work revamping the old forgotten joint  Ting Badi Malo!


Rewind of The Day: Dreaming in Color | ‘Slept on Poetry’

Dreaming in Color – This is most likely the most slept on track/poem on GNL Zamba’s Album, Dreaming In Color. The  album has amazing tracks like Voom Voom, Tebangatika , and others, but for the deepest of poeticalness this title track is deal and rich. With a well orchestrated production and back dropping instruments that enable him to talk about the hard life in “the Ghettos” or any unprivileged place.

You Know him with the metaphors and punch lines, and well he blesses this one with both English and Luganda lines.

Listen Below:

Written By: Ayella N Robert

Tha C.y.P.h.A – Bon.B, NuveySHAWN, Golddust, Anonymous(G2 Complex), AJO(CBM) & I-M Music

Tha CyPhA is a collaborative project  produced and directed by Mento-X, real names Mugarura Denis Robinson of G2 Complex and he introduces  Bon-B, NuveySHAWN, Gold Dust and Annonymous all from G2 Complex, AJO (Clean Block Music) and I-M Music’s producers Delaru and Kodan whose first appearance as rappers is documented by this cypher. The project released March 26 at 8:33pm  is a representative of the hoods the various contributors to the raw and edgy sound that Mento-X took charge to materialize into something. In the order of appearance the emcees Bon-B(Kititantale), NuveySHAWN(Luzira/Biina), Delaru(Mutungo), AJO(Mbuya/Mutungo), Gold Dust(Kitintale), Kodan(Mutungo) and Anonymous(kitintale) show off their lyrical dexterity and give a glimpse of their hunger and unheard voices.

I-M Music’s out fit (Delaru and Kodan) explore their Itesot flow complemented with Swahili and english to give their sound a distinctive marker and an indicator of diversity for the total project all together. AJO and Gold Dust take the hyper angry route showing their hoods energies lyrically. Bon-B and NuveySHAWN (also a blogger here) take the calm but insightful take which is re-echoed by Anonymous (who doubles as a manager of G2 Complex and has worked with a number of producers including Andy Music, Notsy) as a wrap up of the main intention the project was in the first place thought of.

“Redefinition with a motion”

G2 Complex has projects in maturing like the Video to Tha Cypha set to be released in around 15 April and NuveySHAWN who is wrapping up with his SHAWNESDAY compilation a follow-up to his Debut Mixtape TSN. AJO (From Clean Block Music) who is a good college to the Complex artists is set to release his EP No apologies in May of this year, which is a follow-up to Rap Music I Sing a mixtape that featured Hannz Tactiq, Lethal, OPU and others. Bon-B and Gold Dust have unreleased projects.

Tha C.y.P.h.A is well packaged with a crisp taste of clear and informative messages embedded in the voices of these rappers who hope to dominate respectfully and are so distinct in their approach as they deliver.

Kitintale, Luzira and the dominant Mutungo will be hopefully represented appropriately just like Rubaga, Bukoto and Ntinda.


‘Silent Depression’ to screen 19 March at the Amakula International Film Festival

The wonderful spoken word piece that was written and performed by Malcom has so far broken a number of borders for Nes Motion Media  and the Ghetto Film Project. It stars a number of Hip Hop acts like Tushi Polo, Agee, and a number of individuals that associate with the cause, Ghetto Film Project. Out of the many movies made last year and the year that precedes we are glad to have a hip Hop, Spoken word related short film to be featured on this prestigious event.

The film which is about “A 20-year-old guy that feels like he is hit by a midlife crisis and decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery in a crowded city” will be shown on;

  • Date: Saturday – 19th March 2016
  • Time: 4:30pm
  • Venue: Museum Exhibition Hall
  • Director: George Stanley Nsamba
  • Run time: 11mins 26secs
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English


Which is directed by Malcom’s mentor George Stanely Nsamba which has seen the young poet/rapper have a land-marking piece among young enthusiasts of the genre. All the best to the Ghetto Film Project!!