‘Beat Maker or Producer’-whats the difference?

Last week as i was chilling at  Port bell drive Music I happened to land into a conversation with Nase Avatar on music production and later with Analytical Alz  on more ideas of beat making, which was quite insightful. We spoke of Beats, Instrumentation and hip Hop production in general. The conversation didn’t really center around who a beat maker and a producer is?.  We all assumed unconsciously that the two are of course different. We were having a casual conversation that we strike every time we are in studio.

How is That Up  important?

Well if you didn’t know Nase Avatar is a full-time producer at Port Bell Drive and Analytical Alz is more occasional  a producer and in most cases will be called a Beat maker. Doesn’t make sense right?

Then Lets Move on with the Difference between A beat Maker and A Producer:

A Beat Maker is …..

“Usually this is the person who sells or leases the beat to an artist before ideas, lyrics, arrangements, etc. are done. This person has no influence on how the record turns out or the direction of the project. Once you get the beat, exclusivity not a lease, your pretty much done with this person until your album is released.” Extracted from IndieHipHop.net 

So the Beat Maker, is that guy who pretty much lays the first instrument, develops the bass, lead drums and puts the melodic instruments to form what you call a beat or instrumental. In most cases has even no idea how a rapper will jump on it. The beat maker then should be called the first Baker who prepares the dough for the cake.  In Tucker HD’s Voice., “Ya Dig”

Moving on

A Producer Is….

As we spoke with Nase he mentioned something about Dre and the likes of Timberland, (the two are American Producers). Our conversation was about ideas that producers over see or influence on a “record.”   This explanation can try to define a Producer, ” A producer has many roles that may include, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the project, selecting songs and/or musicians, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through mixing and mastering.From an online forum Via Future Producers.com

The producer is the guy with the icing as regards making of the song after the beat was produced. He is responsible for making Rapper X and Vocalist K sounding amazing on the beat by Beat Maker B( Not for Baru though)

But isn’t Beat Making Part of the Production Process? Don’t Producers Beat Make?

When i left the studio I remembered ALZ telling me of Jah Lil Beats’ (American Beat Maker’s) story. And I immediately recalled we have Baru Beatz here locally. I am sure Baru before producing a whole song with the lyrical and other important details was a beat maker. Now the boy / Young King Now is an in-house producer at Dustville Records. A beat maker some times could have his hands on the whole production process and literally he becomes a young producer as it sounds like. A producer technically does the mixing and mastering, and may influence where which verse and hook should be. He is the GUY at Post Beat Production in most cases.

I use Baru because he was once a typical beat maker and  now a  producer ,who has mastered the craft of now making a full song. ALZ on my way out he speaks of how he is much more interested in  making beats than the whole production phase.  Dang!  This got me thinking, yes  beat makers contribute to the first step and the producer continues with the beat made.

How Comes we don’t get to hear of Beat MAkers?

Beat makers don’t seem to get credited in most cases especially if the final track comes from a popular studio or even the fact that it is from that studio X its made by Producer G. Do you remember one of the reasons for Who Killed Hip Hop?; stealing beats!

Is the Conversation Still On?

Of course not, As i wrote this i considered two things; one some people can’t differentiate the two individuals, and two it’s not clear for some if a beat maker can be a producer or the other way round.

Cover Photo From www.beatmakershq.com

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No Apologies Cover Art

“No Apologies Will be a 12 Track EP”- AJO [see Track List]

AJO is set to release his No Apologies EP (as am writing 14 days from now), and will be his second full length release, it is to serve as a follow-up of his debut Mixtape Rap Music I Sing / RMIS. The mixtape had a number of tracks  that got utmost rotation especially Back Down Ft Lethal and Hannz Tactiq. He Featured a number of known artists like Lethal, Hannz, O.P.U, So Severe (on What do I rap For), and others on that project which gave him a clear sphere to push on with his raw talent. This seems like a solo project but well guest appearances from Akongo, Essie and Nina MC are to be expected.

The EP will have 12 tracks including the Intro

Now on No Apologies just like RMIS he dedicated his time and work to have his EP worked on by one sole studio, Port Bell drive Music. RMIS was 90 % babied from Yego Productions. This said has given AJO  a chance to explore new sounds and approaches to his career, with various producers on this project including Nase Avatar, Alz, and others. For now we can listen to Kamikaze (which was a popular song released last year and a video shot for ) and Freak A free style as we wait for the whole project to drop on 18th May, 2016. * Date was changed to 27th May, 2016* 

Track list

1. Intro
2. No Apologies ft Essie (Prod. Alz Analytical & Nxcco)
3. Kamikaze (Prod. Nase Avatar & Martin-UrbanAksent)
4. Aphrodite ft Akongo (Prod. Nase Avatar)
5. Word Smith (Prod. Nase Avatar & Nxcco)
6. Like A Drum ft Nina MC (Prod. Alz Analytical)
7. Rhyme Scheme ft Essie (Prod. Alz Analytical & Nxcco)
8. Word Smitten (Prod. Nase Avatar)
9. Family Ties (Prod Nase Avatar)
10. Word Smith II (Prod. Alz Analytical)
11. Freak A Free Style (Prod. Alz Analytical)
12. Ekos Koku (Prod. Nase Avatar & I-Am-recktor)


Episode 11 HUL| The Art Of Sampling Part 2 With Stone Town

This is a mind-blowing episode; I put together questions for Stone Town aka Papa Stoney to answer on sampling, what came out is what we need you to listen to. Stone Town reveals a lot of information on the art form-Sampling, his favorite samples and informative details.He even went a head to drop a hint on what Payne Keelah is up to so far.   HE was objective as possible and i was surprised he is so  full of humor ( he has hip hop jokes I mean).

All songs that featured on this episode are purely inspired by samples or lets say are a product of sampling from Tucker HD- Ug on My Chest , S.T.R.A.P. , Keko-Bright Lights, and  Lyrical Proof-Kilasiku and Nabye Show. And when you hear TwaWambye  in a song you surely know thats Stone Town behind it

DownLoad (18 Mbs)

Episode 9|HUL- The Art of Sampling: Nase Avatar’s take

Nase Avatar is no stranger to the NuveyLIVE Pod-casts; this time round I hit him up to talk about a few things on what he has been doing and a number of interesting things going on. He is apparently listening to a lot of NTM, Gravitity and Mun G.Well S.T.R.A.P’s abstract sound, new releases from Nelly Sade, Flex D’Paper , the Telling My Story Project and  Sampling, which took up most of our conversation which was quiet informative as regards the insight gave us about sampling. Episode 9 has so much for you because you will get to know more like what exactly the Telling My Story project was about and the future of this initiative as revealed by Nase.

Tracks like Msinde, Kigozi, Kila siku and AJO’s Aphrodite which hasn’t yet been released took most of the samples conversation. This Episode will be a great study for most who don’t understand the art of sampling, what it means to sample and the great benefits of sampling. One interesting thing is that samples help us keep track of our Ugandan hip hop and music at large. And you will realize sampling is part of hip hop’s historical inventions made famous by Deejaying.

Apparently Nase says his best sampled track is Kila siku LP (prod Stone Town) and I was down for KigoziNavio and some of S.T.R.A.P’s music none the less you can leave a comment of what you think of this episode. You can also tell us your favorite track with the best samples in the comment section.

Download Link

Download 207’s Mbawe before your DJ does- Its a banger!

Certified battle rapper, hip hop artist and producer 207  redefines his sound with Mbawe a single off Africanise the album under way. The track is produced by Nase Avatar and it is a banger for as long as it makes it to your favorite club or happening place not to forget your radio- word to your radio DJ’s they should cope this.

207 is still working on his album but this single makes us feel like he should drop it as soon as possible for it gives us a taste of what we should expect. He raps ” eno beat si yabaa Jamaikah” implying that it is a home produced instrumental in fact one by Nase Avatar- Isn’t it a way to Africanise our Hip Hop? The track is a groovy one you surely will like it.


Listen to #Kyina JaQ ft Enygma:’Another exploration well delivered!’


Enygma certainly justifies the “stay enigmatic” phrase every time he works on something out of the box. You remember Jujju ? He is featured on this Afro House tune to deliver lyrics that he himself believes are the compliment to the song after the beat. “its a new experience….i believe the beat speaks more for the song”.  “Kyina” loosely translates to DANCE in the Lumasaba.

The song was released on 9 January 2016 by KFM Presenter and Ugandan Afro Pop Sensation, Jaq Deweyi , created by  South African DJ and Record Producer Sole Essentials and voiced/produced by Nase Avatar of Portbell Drive.


AJO(@Ajojam) Shoots Video to KAMIKAZE [see pics]

AJO finally shoots his first ever visuals for his single Kamikaze , which is off the forthcoming EP NO APOLOGIES. The project is still underway with a number of more singles being produced.


Kamikaze  to many reviews(ers) on other website  was a track attacking other rappers is produced by Nase Avatar of Portbell Drive Music. The visuals are being done by Egostatic Media. The raw and heavy hitting song as regards its lyrics will have the video released later this year or next year as a close friend to the Kamikaze rapper disclosed to us.


I spoke to him about the experience he remarked:

Boss! Its a dope feeling. Man i appreciate the feedback on the audio and yeah we building the genre more. The video is a mark man!


All statesment were aspirated for he was excited with the action at the shoot last night (16 November 2015). Expect an amazing one anf if you haven’t listened to the audio stream or Download below.

Mickey Solo Unveils Cover Art for the Yet to be Released single ‘Pray’

Two days ago Mickey Solow of Paid In Full Ug (PIF) unveiled the cover art to his forthcoming single yet to be released.  Little is known about the concepts behind it however, it is produced by Nase Avatar of Portbell Drive Music. All this was revealed on his Facebook Account. As one of the Promising rappers from Ntinda we have to anticipate this project.

Mickey is part of PIF , an RnHop duo that is known for blending hiphop with RNB to make a sub genre known as RnHop as they prefer to call it. Here is the Cover art Below: