[New Mixtape]:Femcees Ruling Mixtape (Women’s Day Tape)-Free Download

Before i go into further detail, Do You think UG Femcees have been Recognized? I will let you ponder on that! That being said Happy Women’s Day to all of you reading and supporting our work here.

We have compiled a mixtape that features almost all the best of Female rappers ( Lady Slyke, Keko,Tushi Polo, The Sphynx,Mc Yalla, Ivory Namara, Ginsu,Agee,Saint CA,Fasie,Race T and many others) in the country on this Women’s Day Tape which is intended to take a number of you into history and the future of Ugandan Hip Hop through the voices of these female rappers. The tape is part of our dedication to the female rappers who  we feel are not so much represented and known even when some have had their journeys back date as early as the 90’s.

Journey with us through this tape which features tracks or only verses of these females on tracks that they either got featured or on which they featured other artists, and I must say it was an amazing initiative trying to make this tape having tracks some people have listened to and blending them with those forgotten by some and others never heard. The grand beauty of the Femcees Ruling Mixtape is that through all these tracks or verses featured speak diverse volumes of issues from the feminine world of rappers which of course is directly related to any day-to-day person. In simple terms we feel their participation contributes to the inspiration of females across the country you will notice the range of rappers  from teens to women.

Enjoy this tape and once again Happy Women’s Day!

Track List:

  1. Lady Slyke – Action
  2. Saint CA. -Wanji
  3. Keko – How We do it
  4. Becky256 – Gubakuuba
  5. Fasie – Olugendo
  6. Agee – Love
  7. Mc Yalla – Kupakasa
  8. Zion – Woman with Tushi Polo, Mc Black Pearl..
  9. Race T – Pretty Gals Ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo
  10. Lagum ft Ivory Namara – Storm (Ivory’s  verse only)
  11. The Sphynx – Omukwano
  12. The Ginsu – Naive
  13. Susan Naava – Marvins Room refix
  14. Black Vein – Indumumbi
  15. Tushi Polo – Drop it (intro only)
  16. All star Femcees – Writers Club (The Floet Verse, The sphynx)
  17. Mc Black Pearl – I Believe
  18. Ninja C  & Tucker HD- Our Time (Ninja C Verse only )
  19. Lady Slyke – Abakyala ft Prossy Patra and MC Yalla
  20. Saint CA. – Ba’nga afayo
  21. Keko – Ready
  22. Becky256 – Minerals
  23. Agee – Mr Dj Ft Drift (Agee Verse only )
  24. MC  Yalla – Reebo Mwana
  25. Race T – Im Free
  26. The Sphynx – Fe=MC2
  27. The Sphynx & The Ginsu – Pound for Pound
  28. Susan Naava – Holding on
  29. Black Vein – Shina
  30. Ninja C – Pleasure & Pain
  31. Keko – Fly Solo
  32. All Star Femcees- All Femcee Hip Hop Cypher 2015




Episode 7|HUL|NuveyLIVE Presents Rodney & Race-T: A conversation on Christian rappers,roles and Hip Hop

Episode 7 is finally here off The NuveyLIVE Podcast : Hip Hop Uganda Live / HUL which of course took so long to be worked out due to a few issues that include the political climate ( hoping you are not upset). Good news however on this episode you should prepare for a sort of hip hop spiritual journey with the two young artists and my most youthful rappers so far to feature on the show and for the record Race T makes it as the third femcee to grace the show. We spoke lengthily on absolutely everything that i hoped them to talk about and surprised by the effort and back door story like Race T’s girl empowerment, work, love for fashion and Rodney’s ventures into industrial art and their total hustles.

Tracks Featured in the Show:

  1. NuveyLIVE Podcast Sound Track
  2. Black Monday – Benny Black
  3. Pretty Gals – Race T ft Zabuli, MC Loy & LAdy Bezo
  4. TBT – Rodney
  5. Focus – Lagum Ft Ivory Namara
  6. Kikole – Keya Nemesis & Luganda XLZ
  7. Trip – AJO
  8. Going in Hard – Benezeri & Ruyonga
  9. Indumubi – Big Vein
  10. We are – Bantu Clan Ft Angela Mutoni & Mike Ntwaza

Special thanks to Port Bell Drive which also powered this Podcast.

Episode Description: NuveySHAWN, changes the podcast content to highlight and spotlight the two young Christian rappers Rodney and Race-T for an half hour talk on Christian rap music, roles of rappers and Christian rappers specifically. He also allows the two sensational artists to tell their part of the story that is: the come up, challenges and their general views as young rappers below 25 years of age and so inspired by many gospel rap music maestros. The conversation is highly thrilling with a great chill of youth and inspirational vibration.

Download Link: Episode 7

Ugandan Female Rappers: Have they Been Recognised?

Uganda  embraced the hip hop Culture about 15 plus years ago and honestly speaking it has been for a long time a male dominated Genre and Culture. Despite the emergency of Hip hop cliques, groups and Gangs* as some call them, that boasted of some nice and lyrically reach Female rappers or FemCees as they are globally labeled.–“the male rappers dominated this spectrum. Whether mainstream or Underground it was unheard of for a female Emcee to gain more attention on a scale of 5 (five-to narrow it down) than the male counterparts. On hiphop’s attempt to grow, the male rappers seemed to take the lead than the Femcees.” Uganda has over five established hip hop artists including Navio , Ruyonga Enygma , Sylvester, Abramz TekyaLyrical GmcBabaluku and more(who are the old generation who have ‘kept it real’ and still relevant). The industry also boasts of newer and fresh rappers like Pryce Teeba, Patrobas, Tucker Hd AJOLlyboc, Anonymous, GoldDust and many more youngens*. 

Whether mainstream or Underground it was unheard of for a female Emcee to gain more attention on a scale of 5 (five-to narrow it down) than the male counterparts.

L-R: Sylvester, Lady Slyk & Abramz

L-R: Sylvester, Lady Slyk & Abramz

well you notice i didn’t identify any female rapper up there. You may be asking Your self now ” Does Uganda have any Femcees?” Well friend we all know the answer Friend. YES and they are a FEW ESTABLISHED and RECOGNIZED. Should we blame it on the chauvinist nature of our society? or Is it because the males ventured in the culture first?. Globally Female rappers still struggle with negation and all the stereo types of WOMAN!. Mc Lyte was no exception about 25 years ago. When rap Music emerged in the 1970s it took about 15 years for Female rappers to get some air play, even when they did they struggled to prosper through. But enough of the “Far story”

Keko shot from See Ya Video

In Uganda Keko (real name Tracy Joycelyn Keko) is so far the first  most established femcee who has enjoyed massive airplay in Uganda, East Africa and the rest of Africa. She was greatly embraced by 2010. her biggest breakout track “how we do it” gave her a place in the hearts of hip hop lovers. Right now she is signed to RockStar4000, a sony Africa entity. She has a lot of very fine music videos for tracks like ‘see ya’ , ‘mutiima’ and many more. With no doubt she is the leading femcee right now in UG. However even with  her enormous succes there have been few femcees emerging on the scene.

Susan Naava

Susan Naava

As the male counterparts deliver their content out, a sort of challenge is developed for the female rappers to make music that highlight the sensitive issues that as Ugandans we face. Rappers like RoyalGee, Lady Slyk, Becky, Susan Naava( remember her on competition is dead All Star rappers track) had some vibrant features on the scene as far as I remember. Of course we can’t say newer female rappers like Fasie didn’t emerge then—Ninja C too. As 2015 ended  there were few female rappers gaining required rotation like the males. There was only one concrete project by Ninja C :Ninja Attitude Mixtape. Is Something wrong with the industry? , may BE.

Under the Bayimba Hiphop bootcamp managed by Sylvester kabobombo the number of female rappers sort of increased basing on the last boot camp. We have seen Femcees like Tumwine Cynthia or well-known as Ninja-C / Herninjaness get on male dominated projects such as BaruBeatz Redefinition Ep. this is a Plus for the females. NTV’s News Beat some How paints it clear that the females can in Uganda spit nice elite material. I could say Lady Slyk is the face there, though other young Femcees get featured.

(Internet Photo):Ninja C

(Internet Photo):Ninja C

It is not written any where that females shouldn’t rap but some people could think that way. to bring Back MC Lite, she laid a foundation for her predecessors in America to rap out as “woman”. So my point here is the inspiration from Keko or any other Femcee (Ninja-C name it) like MC Lite and TLC did in America has reached somewhere, but Hip Hop Culture   has for a long time been male driven.: I mean art like Breakdance, Beatboxing, Turntabilism, & Graffiti if mentioned in a conversation am quite sure one female wouldn’t pop up easily and therefore with Rap Music itself that’s where a few are fairing. And as a sort of notion many rappers in and out of Uganda have painted a females role in society negatively and highly degrading, which is a disease eating real hip hop.

In the words of Mc Lite You May try to get the picture below

it is all summarized in this Quote:

“It has gotten to the point that we have been subjected to such harsh verbal treatment 

— assassinated even — that who would want to listen?” —MC Lite

Quote Adapted from  NPR.org

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#NewMusic:Stream Pretty Gals-Race T ft Zabuli x M.C Loy &Lady Bezo(Free Download)

As  promised by Race T, Pretty Gals is finally out and free to download. This amazing collabloration of four femcees, Race T, Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo is a sure win for femcees at large. We end the year atleast with one positive song from four female rappers. Pretty Gals produced by Joe Beats is a song about young Christian Ladies(gals) who are highly motivated by JESUS and choose to live positively due to the refuge and serenity found in Godly ways.

As i earlier on said its a sure win for this brand of emcees and we look forward to get more inspirational music like this.

Read Pretty Gals’ REVIEW<

The song will obviously inspire you and its a must listen. It stands a chance to win over radio rotation on christian radio stations and others


Pretty Gals Cover Art


Get all Race T’s Music Click Here

Written by Ayella Robert

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

#PrettyFemceesWinAgain:Race.T to release Pretty Gals ft Zabuli x M.C Loy & Lady Bezo


            (Pretty gals cover art)

Nothing is very intriguing like when femcees team up to make a project together. If you share the same optimism with me you just about to be served by the AMAZING  pretty gal Race T together with other pretty gals. Race T took to her social media pages announcing the release of Pretty Gals slated for  21 December, it will be a Monday, so you know that your starting a new week with positive energy.

Pretty gals produced by Joe Beats aka Gamit is a project on which Race features Zabuli, M.C Loy and the super talented Lady Bezo (y’all got the memo!). Together they spit flames to clarify that also pretty gals,(You see the effect of a good song? I meant pretty girls) love, serve and worship the lord. I wonder if the idea in the preceding sentence ever crossed Big Tril’s mind.Before we go so far the collective is of four pretty  christian Femcees.

We are pretty pretty gals and love Jesus.

Race of course opens up the song with a hook and a verse that welcomes you to the theme of the song. She is very certain of Jesus’ blessing upon her and thus will keep winning. Zabuli who raps with a dancehall influence to give the song a versatile appeal which , Joe works well to customise the drum set  at the pointwhere her verse fits or comes in. You will realise this intelligent effect serves the song right.

M.C Loy gives it her best to deliver her bars quite uninterrupted as she Talks over like a pastor( call it spoken word) within her bars (at the score 2:56) thus giving the impression pretty gals know the word of the lord. Lady Bezo holds it down as a supreme female christian rapper(lets say like Keko on the All Femcees cypher with another set of pretty femcees). Bezo makes various flows just to give the song a versatile appeal and make it clear that they holdin down by “keeping it kiimu” Her approach to the song also seemingly suggests that as a Femcee you can do anything, on top of it u can have great delivery as christian rapper too.

PS: I have already listened to the song and hope to get to her and decipher the song further. Other than that wait for a download link on Monday. It’s a must listen!


Connect with Race T:
Facebook: Race T
Twitter: @RaceT146
Soundcloud: Race T

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

FEMCEE ALERT! Meet Race T, a Femcee on the rise


In July we dedicated the month to femcees and well we had two of them (The Sphynx &Agee) who featured on our Podcast (which you need to download)  and well it feels like next year January should be another femcee month ti kick start the year. Here is Race T a rapper on the come up, who chose to do christian hiphop/rap music.

Who is Resty infact Race T?
Race T aka Mbabazi Resty is a Ugandan based versatile Christian rapper. Her name “Race T
means “Racing for truth”. She always dreamt of performing on stage when she was still young and
tried singing but wasn’t that  perfect.  However all this changed
when she met a rapper called Jimo aka Pages who
most recently was a contestant in the Coca cola rated next contest. In high school he wrote her some few lines of rap which drew her into the genre as she practiced hard and perfected her craft.

Listening to Lecrea’s music with time put her on track and shaped her perspective as regards her purpose as a christian rapper-Seeking the Truth! The applaude Race T always recieved  from the crowd kept her going. With all that positive energy she definately managed to win different high school awards three times in a raw.

She later on founded a
group called JHA(Jesus’ Hiphop Army) that comprises of young talented rappers like Big Mitch,
Allan , Benon , Eddy , Derrick , Isaac and others. Later on she
got signed to Salt nation.

Besides rapping…
When not spitting positive bars she is studying thus she’s a student at Kyambogo university doing Accounting and finance on top of that working on her solo career.

She has done songs like moving on  with JGR , Am free ft Sharlie, Revive me ft Ernest rush and Pretty gals ft Ladybezo, M.C loy and Zabuli   and also featured on Am xtain by Barna ft Ruyonga , Race T, Solo and Otim, forever and always by Bejamin Prince

On Monday 21 December she is set to release her single Pretty Gals ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo.

Lecrea is an American Christian Rapper.

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors