“Krazy will be dropping next Thursday 10 March”-Rodney

Rodney hinted on this single last week on the NuveyLIVE Podcast|Hip Hop Uganda Live, Episode 7 which featured him and Race T as they shared their stories. It was a humbling experience for us hosting the two young Christian rappers. That said earlier on today Rodney took to his Facebook to announce the release date for Krazy produced by Gamit/Joe Beats which of course he gave details of the track last week if you listened to our podcast.

He says ” it’s a nice track” which is still one of those that are about fun derived positively in the lord.

Krazy will be a follow-up of TBT which was a success full Christian turn up song for him and the less we should eagerly wait for this specific one.

Episode 7|HUL|NuveyLIVE Presents Rodney & Race-T: A conversation on Christian rappers,roles and Hip Hop

Episode 7 is finally here off The NuveyLIVE Podcast : Hip Hop Uganda Live / HUL which of course took so long to be worked out due to a few issues that include the political climate ( hoping you are not upset). Good news however on this episode you should prepare for a sort of hip hop spiritual journey with the two young artists and my most youthful rappers so far to feature on the show and for the record Race T makes it as the third femcee to grace the show. We spoke lengthily on absolutely everything that i hoped them to talk about and surprised by the effort and back door story like Race T’s girl empowerment, work, love for fashion and Rodney’s ventures into industrial art and their total hustles.

Tracks Featured in the Show:

  1. NuveyLIVE Podcast Sound Track
  2. Black Monday – Benny Black
  3. Pretty Gals – Race T ft Zabuli, MC Loy & LAdy Bezo
  4. TBT – Rodney
  5. Focus – Lagum Ft Ivory Namara
  6. Kikole – Keya Nemesis & Luganda XLZ
  7. Trip – AJO
  8. Going in Hard – Benezeri & Ruyonga
  9. Indumubi – Big Vein
  10. We are – Bantu Clan Ft Angela Mutoni & Mike Ntwaza

Special thanks to Port Bell Drive which also powered this Podcast.

Episode Description: NuveySHAWN, changes the podcast content to highlight and spotlight the two young Christian rappers Rodney and Race-T for an half hour talk on Christian rap music, roles of rappers and Christian rappers specifically. He also allows the two sensational artists to tell their part of the story that is: the come up, challenges and their general views as young rappers below 25 years of age and so inspired by many gospel rap music maestros. The conversation is highly thrilling with a great chill of youth and inspirational vibration.

Download Link: Episode 7

Turning Up In Christ: TBT by Rodn3y (Review)

Turnt up Music, is synonymous with party music or club music-right ?

I came across this amazing rap song by Rodn3y (personalised version of the name Rodney) titled TBT and guess what? I thought okay this is about social media and related things not to forget hashtags.  The concept was in that line however not gloryfying TBTs or FYIs and all the hashtags you might know, Rodn3y is calling us to step out of the past and be reInvented and that we are new creations.

You remember when we were told dancing in the lord would keep us young, if you do add TBT to your playlist and get physical.

So! he is turning Up in Christ?
Yes the song is highly inspired, produced by Joe Beats TBT is a turn up song in the name of the Lord. Positive energy is all you expect on this new school kind of flow, beat and interesting groove. Its music for the club and yet with a message deep enough to comprehend. My sunday school teacher would call it #DanceWithChristMusic.

In his own words:

#TBT is basically an inspirational song that calls for celebration of a new life in Christ.
Its based on 2Corrintians 5:17 that clearly puts out that when anyone is in Christ , they are a new creation.
Its basically a turn up song.. Enjoy


Quick Info:
Nuwematsiko Rodney Noah A.K.A RODN3Y( Stage
He’s main genre is HipHop/ Rap. He is a student
at Kyambogo University,on a Bachelor’s degree
of Industrial Art and Design.

Source: Howwie Biz


Written By SHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors