Episode 11 HUL| The Art Of Sampling Part 2 With Stone Town

This is a mind-blowing episode; I put together questions for Stone Town aka Papa Stoney to answer on sampling, what came out is what we need you to listen to. Stone Town reveals a lot of information on the art form-Sampling, his favorite samples and informative details.He even went a head to drop a hint on what Payne Keelah is up to so far.   HE was objective as possible and i was surprised he is so  full of humor ( he has hip hop jokes I mean).

All songs that featured on this episode are purely inspired by samples or lets say are a product of sampling from Tucker HD- Ug on My Chest , S.T.R.A.P. , Keko-Bright Lights, and  Lyrical Proof-Kilasiku and Nabye Show. And when you hear TwaWambye  in a song you surely know thats Stone Town behind it

DownLoad (18 Mbs)


The Touch Down cypher honestly had been the most anticipated project from Urban Aksent right after the audio was released three months ago.  Its video was highly anticipated and this made it one of the most anticipated and patiently waited for cypher video.



It features Battle Mc Nes-G, Jhay Effekt, Sulphiric, NI, St Nelly-Sade,Rugged Made, Krac Bone, Agee, Lethal &T-Bro ( together Urban Aksent)

Watch below;

Rewind of the Day: Balance of Power( B.O.P) by Urban Aksent

At this point in time Ugandan hiphop music had rounds of events happening like hiphop beefs, and other related activities. Balance of Power was released in 2011 as it served as a counter reaction to the alleged death of competition at a time when many emcees had so much going on. Competition is Dead that features various artists had rotation for a while untill the releaseof this Urban Aksent Music project that featured Krack Bone, Rugged ,Sulfuric, NI, Atlas, Lethal and Bema.


It was a well delivered song as regards content and the video actually got a nomination at the first Club Music Video awards in 2011. The project really played a significant role at the time it was released. Some how the balance of power in the hiphop community was realised and a sense of healthy competition was eventuallg bred among most rap camps.

B O P  by Urban Arksent Music :