St Nelly Sade sells 1000 copies of ‘Stories of Elevation-Omulondo n’engero’

St Nelly Sade took to his social media account (FB) the great news, having sold 1000 copies of Stories of Elevation also known as Omulondo n’engero. The album which was released last year (2015) on 20 February  had amazing tracks that contributed to his continued satisfaction of Ugandan ears that demand for stories by real story tellers. The hip hop heads of course will use statements like ” he is a great lyricist”. Definitely and an amazing story-teller! The 18 track album has continued to set the bar as one of best organic and well-stretched luga flow albums in the country so far( this doesn’t mean Koi Koi and Ziva Muntuuyo by GNL and Sylvester are not in mind)

The album that features rappers such as The Mith, Patrobas, Moth, Agee and singers such as Sonny Sowez is highly relate-able that it selling 1000 copies might have been a long wait. That is if you consider the packaged content (music). But well finally that’s another win for hip hop and we hope to keep score of units like this. The Bwosumagira singer besides making some bucks off his creative work S.O.E is also nominated in the Galaxy Fm powered Zzina Awards. 

Watch Nina Plan Off S.O.E- St Nelly Sade ft Moth:


Episode 4 HUL | NuveyLIVE Podcast: Shemy B tallks Street Identiy, Beef, rap battles and more

On this Episode I  hosted SHEMY B on the show to talk about his Album STREET IDENTITY and the successful events that came out of it. He also talks about beef his remarks will interest you, rap battles and a highlight of his next album, not to forget his merchandise.

I had a great time talking to him and one thing that still stuck to me is when he shared his view about beef ( Tucker Vs Code), he put it that ” beef isnt an element of hip hop” out of the elements of hip hop. Enjoy

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Ninja Attitude by Ninja C / @Herninjaness is proof of a ‘femcee on a mission’

Ninja Attitude is among the late projects that were released last year, to be exact it was released around 24 November, 2015. Apparently Ninja C was more of a surprise to the rap scene for some and others another femcee to uphold females on the hip hop power balance. Her project is more of a compilation of tracks that featured on other projects however we are not to take that lightly she has her personal creations too.

Young 24 I pledged allegiance to hip hop

Hands on this project stretch from Baru , JT, Ace B and Abaasar on the production giving her a rich sound from some of the best producers. Many could have said Ninja C was technically still experimenting but with work she brought forth and heat that she maintained justify her remark on her Redefinitions verse, “…am a femcee on a mission

Ninja Attitude is a 12 track mix tape that is kick started by Ninja Attitude (title track) a 56 s track produced by Abaasar as she introduces us to the ninja attitude she has. We are drawn into closely in her world with Best kept secret which is a JT production put together to give her a bossy feel since she is on her best braggadocio as she holds it down for K-Town.  An awesome follow-up is Our time to clarify legend thoughts that she has, that is after time we remember her name. Tucker HD complements the track with a steady flow.

Ninja C

Cover art: Ninja Attitude

Samurae has his hands on our time and so on Telling me too does the magic as Herninjaness does her thing recollecting the come up. Just like any career  path the critics and people will talk and so she didn’t pay much attention is her message on this one even with little experience she experienced a number of things that we are sure have shaped her career.

Work without play is not nice! Disco is that track on this project that has influences from Afro house, Dance music and yet sustained by Ace B‘s bars and Ninja C’s take on the chorus. And even though we love to play the lord gives us all , that preceding sentence can be backed by Pleasure and Pain which is a unique track on this project as she gives it a 50/50 singing and rapping.

She adds Zino Story which also featured on Saint Nelly Sade‘s Stories of Elevation. As a femcee last year she happened to have features on some of the biggest projects such as UG cypher 2 which is track 12 and the last on this humble tape. The All femcee Cypher, Baru’s Redefinitions are among the huge projects she featured on and are also part of this project.

Full speed no breaks, Assasins dont play games..

You and I has JT again on the production for which Ninja C speaks of her Darling certifying that they are forever, you can say she reminisces the time,  falling in love and all those good relationship memories. Saving more fun for the end, Beans and Posho is a remix or redo of Pills and Portion originally  by American Rapper Nicki Minaj. It has HerNinjaness herself, Big Trill, Benezeri, Enygma, Libolo Chai and Sima (both of X Fm) as they recall the time in school, the times of beans and Posho  meal that an avoidable in school.

The Femcee being on a mission this has been Ninja Attitude by Ninja C aka Her Ninjaness which was the biggest win last year that was not so much acknowledged-translation it was slept on!



Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN


Episode 1 |HUL| The NuveyLIVE Podcast is Back: Here is a ‘New Hip Hop Uganda Wrap up’ Episode for 2015

There was a time when hip hop would have only a column the size of your thumb. That sentence is a paraphrase of Enygma On Episode 27 of Mister Deejay Presents. 

The times have changed and many platforms have come up which is a sign of progress. NuveyLIVE being the first online radio for Hip Hop, Poetry and spoken word Blog we gave you last year the First Hip Hop Podcast in UG and you supported us from May 2015 to Up around August that is as far as the podcast episodes are concerned. The blog continued documenting as you can see (Read).

Enough of the Talk here is a new Episode for 2016 and you should also take it for a #ReBranding Episode for you. On this one I Wrap up some of the events that happened in the hip hop Community . ENJOY

This Episode is a recollection from 2015, simply giving a wrap up of most events and different land marking events that are worth remembering.

ALSO Stream Here:


NuveyLIVE AudioMack LInk

NuveyLIVE Podcast GArden

Written By Ayella NuveySHAWN

Political or Not here is Bonga Nange (Straight spit) by St. Nelly-sade & Agee

Tubonga Nawe , Tetubonga Nawe, and now the new cousin Bonga Nange for the rest of this year have to be part of many of politically aware people and music enthusiasts. As the country prepares for the 2016 Elections the ideal Presidential candidate is actually a serious avenue for debate.


Wait lets not go political.

BONGA NANGE  is socially correct a song. The video is shot at one of kampalas rooftop as the two share their concerns that range from present day relationships and their natures, in about the first quarter of the song. They highlight promiscuity and the related. The conversational piece highlights the success of St Nelly Sade’s Album Stories of Elevation which he personally admits as he asks Agee what happened to Love the EP. They show some copies of S.O.E too, this video is believed to have been shot last month on Nelly Sade’s open Kampala Sale of Stories Of Elavation (S.O.E)
And then some social concerns follow…

Politics or Not!
Well the main Agenda is on who should you vote for come 2016 in the Elections. This is some how laid out implicitly in the different verses and the bridge of the song.
Nelly speaks of the kind of person he can vote or bonga with (in this context and more) due to social(public) support(needs) and ensuring service delivery for the local people.


And what does Agee Say?
First we need to thumb up Agee for switching her lingo into spitting in uninterrupted Luganda and clearly highlighting who she would support. She says if the women have to be supported in away not left out. As a Nabakyala she speaks out on gender equality by putting forward that politicians have to support the women too. She is also tired of tear gas at campasi [campus] as she puts it.

All this is presented in a less inclined way and so its not about which party but which public needs are being represented.

Do you think hiphop is serving a purpose in steering a meaningful election next year?

Ps: its produced by Drift, St Nelly Sade is part of Luga Flow Army whose other member,Bana Mutibwa did Tetubonga Nawe.

Watch the video below

#Update: The UG HipHop Comic Book Project, Entertainment For Literacy

The whole of this year i have devoted my self to exploring a number of projects that can help push Ugandan HipHop to a very infectious level where nobody can avoid the genre.

I MUST say i spear headed certainly the first Ugandan HipHop podcast(if there is any out, they were inspired) HipHop Uganda Live Show had about 13 episodes and well many issues were explored. I interviewed artists like St Nelly Sade, Lyrical G and more. You can visit the Podcast page to Download.

Podcast will resume in another season soon

That said you may wonder whats up my sleev and my teams’!. COMICS!!!!!Art always has a purpose. So what if there is an artistic well laid Comic that bases on the many stories told by these rappers. Or even on the hiphop culture within the country.

The intention of course would be to entertain children and even adults and thus in away promoting there interest into reading due to the growung love for the genre. This visual art is promising in the modern world if tech and so we could rely on it to improve our childrens and communitys literacy.


Comic illustration Based on Tubaale the song

Of course it wont be easy to set up the stories and also get the perfect  clear ideas for the comics , some research will be done. For any one intereated in developing this further you can leave a message. As NuveyLIVE we have hope of releasing a short Comic book which is underway.

Entertainment derived from written materials contributes to many childrens literal abilities.


The Touch Down cypher honestly had been the most anticipated project from Urban Aksent right after the audio was released three months ago.  Its video was highly anticipated and this made it one of the most anticipated and patiently waited for cypher video.



It features Battle Mc Nes-G, Jhay Effekt, Sulphiric, NI, St Nelly-Sade,Rugged Made, Krac Bone, Agee, Lethal &T-Bro ( together Urban Aksent)

Watch below;

Top Hip-Independence Day play list tracks (Independence Day Play list)

First of all happy independence day to every body, Ugandan out of the country and is reppin the country through hiphop and Poetry we salute you.

That aside we came up with a list of tracks that we believe inspire us into Loving Ugandan hiphop music and poetry as well. Based in no systematic order.

So Ug by The Mith, this song was released a few years ago and inspired the slogan So UG , hashtag #SoUg followed and so much.

256-PATROBAS it would be a crime to forget this one infact i chose to have the video linked here. When i was asked who Patrobas is a year ago by someone who was inquistive about UG music i told this person “he is that ‘coming out of the 256 guy’ you know the guy” well explaining was hars.

256 is one of those hiphop songs that elevate you into liking to engrave the pearls area code on your back or chest. The spittin on this track was some type away.
Watch below:

Kyendi kyendi-Sylvester n Abramz. This was a sensational song in the mid 2000s that entailed self awareness. The title is a luganda phrase that means I am who i am for that reason we are Ugandan and a hiphop loving country too.(audio below is the remix )

FREEDOM-Ruyonga ft Mo-Roots & The Sphynx not so long ago Ruyonga released his Victory Music project that featured this song, it is still fresh as it sounds poetic as well.

Home Town-AJO it is off AJO’s debut mixsape Rap Music I Sing which is a favorited song to many. The energy on the song is so remarkable as he uplifts his home town kumi. One thing about this song is that it represents the urban life loving Ugandan.



Listen here

UG ON MY CHEST II- Tucker HD ft Benny Black and Sonny Sowez The other version of Ug on My Chest with Tucker and Jay Arc is also a nice one. This version had rotation too.

Not in My Country- Enygma
It is off his Mixtape: The Enygma Machine the song highlights the struggles of a Ugandans especially the youth. As they grow and go through school and lifes’ struggles.

Nva Ntinda-St Nelly Sade this track justifies the fact that rappers are  still proud of their towns and are willing to represent where they are from. The Lyricist paints a picture of his beloved Ntinda(a kampala suburb)
Ps all Songs about Ntinda we recognise them too.
Ntinda boy- Paid in Full
Ntinda-Llyboc and more.


NGALO (HANDS UP)NAVIO yes put your hands up for Ugandas independence and think about the 2009-12s a time when Ugandan hiphop was on a  steady fast rise.

Side zeno- Pryce Teeba Many may want to dispute however whats a celebration without a tune to get you in motion. This song was released about three months ago and has continued to make many love their music and infact Ugandan hiphop.

There is so much Ugandan hip hop out there and we cant satisfy there is more that makes you feel so Ugandan. And for a matter of clarity Listen to Futuristic Past by S T R A P the whole album has Uganda thrown here and there. The Review is coming soon though.
Listen here Strap is a Ugandan rapper based in The US, Kansas.

The UG Cypher 2 Deciphered: Llyboc solves the Equation (Opinion)

A few days after the release of the UG Cypher 2 project (both audio and Video), former AirportTaxi Member Llyboc (rapper) came out with an equation for the UG Cypher September 15, 2015. In a a tweet he claims that the recently released Cypher is a summation of wack rappers and a dope beat. And so the rappers didn’t make the best of the beat to make real hip hop in fact Ugandan hip hop. The inspiration of this hip-hop mathematical equation is not known yet however.

The Ugandan hip hop scene has had a number of turns this year and Llyboc’s recent reaction to the UG Cypher 2 which features some of the finest Ugandan Rappers like St Nelly Sade,  Navio, Ruyonga, Enygma , veteran rapper Lyrical G and many more new school rappers is yet one of the shots this year we have met. No direct reaction had  been openly directed back to him by the time of this report. However the  underrated rapper brought to light that the NTM/ Ntinda Movement  Cypher will be coming out soon. We are forced to think its a counter Cypher to the Talent Africa powered  project and we are still inclined to think he has a verse addressing the wack rappers in his view

Whether Llyboc is still mad at having been let loose from Airport Taxi which is managed by Talent Africa or he feels the cypher is not  as nice as regards the anticipation it received. Llyboc was part of airport Taxi with members, Martha Smallz (singer) and  Tucker HD (rapper) who are still the existing members.

Do you think the king of Brokenness (Llyboc’s) opinion is not backed by dissatisfaction or other feelings.

Meanwhile Listen to KING OF BROKENNES HERE

Llyboc’s Tweet