[New Mixtape]:Femcees Ruling Mixtape (Women’s Day Tape)-Free Download

Before i go into further detail, Do You think UG Femcees have been Recognized? I will let you ponder on that! That being said Happy Women’s Day to all of you reading and supporting our work here.

We have compiled a mixtape that features almost all the best of Female rappers ( Lady Slyke, Keko,Tushi Polo, The Sphynx,Mc Yalla, Ivory Namara, Ginsu,Agee,Saint CA,Fasie,Race T and many others) in the country on this Women’s Day Tape which is intended to take a number of you into history and the future of Ugandan Hip Hop through the voices of these female rappers. The tape is part of our dedication to the female rappers who  we feel are not so much represented and known even when some have had their journeys back date as early as the 90’s.

Journey with us through this tape which features tracks or only verses of these females on tracks that they either got featured or on which they featured other artists, and I must say it was an amazing initiative trying to make this tape having tracks some people have listened to and blending them with those forgotten by some and others never heard. The grand beauty of the Femcees Ruling Mixtape is that through all these tracks or verses featured speak diverse volumes of issues from the feminine world of rappers which of course is directly related to any day-to-day person. In simple terms we feel their participation contributes to the inspiration of females across the country you will notice the range of rappers  from teens to women.

Enjoy this tape and once again Happy Women’s Day!

Track List:

  1. Lady Slyke – Action
  2. Saint CA. -Wanji
  3. Keko – How We do it
  4. Becky256 – Gubakuuba
  5. Fasie – Olugendo
  6. Agee – Love
  7. Mc Yalla – Kupakasa
  8. Zion – Woman with Tushi Polo, Mc Black Pearl..
  9. Race T – Pretty Gals Ft Zabuli, MC Loy and Lady Bezo
  10. Lagum ft Ivory Namara – Storm (Ivory’s  verse only)
  11. The Sphynx – Omukwano
  12. The Ginsu – Naive
  13. Susan Naava – Marvins Room refix
  14. Black Vein – Indumumbi
  15. Tushi Polo – Drop it (intro only)
  16. All star Femcees – Writers Club (The Floet Verse, The sphynx)
  17. Mc Black Pearl – I Believe
  18. Ninja C  & Tucker HD- Our Time (Ninja C Verse only )
  19. Lady Slyke – Abakyala ft Prossy Patra and MC Yalla
  20. Saint CA. – Ba’nga afayo
  21. Keko – Ready
  22. Becky256 – Minerals
  23. Agee – Mr Dj Ft Drift (Agee Verse only )
  24. MC  Yalla – Reebo Mwana
  25. Race T – Im Free
  26. The Sphynx – Fe=MC2
  27. The Sphynx & The Ginsu – Pound for Pound
  28. Susan Naava – Holding on
  29. Black Vein – Shina
  30. Ninja C – Pleasure & Pain
  31. Keko – Fly Solo
  32. All Star Femcees- All Femcee Hip Hop Cypher 2015




The Ginsu serves us with Naive-Sounds like Womens day Already!

The Ginsu of the new super trio Malika often captioned and hashtagged as #ThreeQueens releases Naive which is a bitter cry of a  lady ideally disappointed by almost her making but now rising to eliminate her hurt. Any one who listens to this one would wish it to have been released on Women’s Day this Tuesday but we don’t make plans for these artists. The song is a sweet one not the raw edgy Ginsu on Pound for Pound because it delivered almost entirely by RNB soothing vibes and a little rapping to complement it entirely.

Naive, obviously re-introduces us to The Ginsu whose skill hasn’t yet been munched down by a number of people and even though Malika is composed of two other at least fairly known acts  by many hip hop fans. This song gives us a glimpse on what to expect from this super trio and The Ginsu her self personally as she manages to sing and rap on this one which is produced by Samurae. In support of their college Agee and The Sphynx have had time to post pictures of them in studio suggesting a probable release on Women’s Day to mark the celebrations and also sort of Branding Naive as a feminist rap song for Women’s day.

The best thing is to watch the Space as these three rappers cook something.

The Sphynx Posted on Instagram:


Download Link

Ugandan Female Rappers: Have they Been Recognised?

Uganda  embraced the hip hop Culture about 15 plus years ago and honestly speaking it has been for a long time a male dominated Genre and Culture. Despite the emergency of Hip hop cliques, groups and Gangs* as some call them, that boasted of some nice and lyrically reach Female rappers or FemCees as they are globally labeled.–“the male rappers dominated this spectrum. Whether mainstream or Underground it was unheard of for a female Emcee to gain more attention on a scale of 5 (five-to narrow it down) than the male counterparts. On hiphop’s attempt to grow, the male rappers seemed to take the lead than the Femcees.” Uganda has over five established hip hop artists including Navio , Ruyonga Enygma , Sylvester, Abramz TekyaLyrical GmcBabaluku and more(who are the old generation who have ‘kept it real’ and still relevant). The industry also boasts of newer and fresh rappers like Pryce Teeba, Patrobas, Tucker Hd AJOLlyboc, Anonymous, GoldDust and many more youngens*. 

Whether mainstream or Underground it was unheard of for a female Emcee to gain more attention on a scale of 5 (five-to narrow it down) than the male counterparts.

L-R: Sylvester, Lady Slyk & Abramz

L-R: Sylvester, Lady Slyk & Abramz

well you notice i didn’t identify any female rapper up there. You may be asking Your self now ” Does Uganda have any Femcees?” Well friend we all know the answer Friend. YES and they are a FEW ESTABLISHED and RECOGNIZED. Should we blame it on the chauvinist nature of our society? or Is it because the males ventured in the culture first?. Globally Female rappers still struggle with negation and all the stereo types of WOMAN!. Mc Lyte was no exception about 25 years ago. When rap Music emerged in the 1970s it took about 15 years for Female rappers to get some air play, even when they did they struggled to prosper through. But enough of the “Far story”

Keko shot from See Ya Video

In Uganda Keko (real name Tracy Joycelyn Keko) is so far the first  most established femcee who has enjoyed massive airplay in Uganda, East Africa and the rest of Africa. She was greatly embraced by 2010. her biggest breakout track “how we do it” gave her a place in the hearts of hip hop lovers. Right now she is signed to RockStar4000, a sony Africa entity. She has a lot of very fine music videos for tracks like ‘see ya’ , ‘mutiima’ and many more. With no doubt she is the leading femcee right now in UG. However even with  her enormous succes there have been few femcees emerging on the scene.

Susan Naava

Susan Naava

As the male counterparts deliver their content out, a sort of challenge is developed for the female rappers to make music that highlight the sensitive issues that as Ugandans we face. Rappers like RoyalGee, Lady Slyk, Becky, Susan Naava( remember her on competition is dead All Star rappers track) had some vibrant features on the scene as far as I remember. Of course we can’t say newer female rappers like Fasie didn’t emerge then—Ninja C too. As 2015 ended  there were few female rappers gaining required rotation like the males. There was only one concrete project by Ninja C :Ninja Attitude Mixtape. Is Something wrong with the industry? , may BE.

Under the Bayimba Hiphop bootcamp managed by Sylvester kabobombo the number of female rappers sort of increased basing on the last boot camp. We have seen Femcees like Tumwine Cynthia or well-known as Ninja-C / Herninjaness get on male dominated projects such as BaruBeatz Redefinition Ep. this is a Plus for the females. NTV’s News Beat some How paints it clear that the females can in Uganda spit nice elite material. I could say Lady Slyk is the face there, though other young Femcees get featured.

(Internet Photo):Ninja C

(Internet Photo):Ninja C

It is not written any where that females shouldn’t rap but some people could think that way. to bring Back MC Lite, she laid a foundation for her predecessors in America to rap out as “woman”. So my point here is the inspiration from Keko or any other Femcee (Ninja-C name it) like MC Lite and TLC did in America has reached somewhere, but Hip Hop Culture   has for a long time been male driven.: I mean art like Breakdance, Beatboxing, Turntabilism, & Graffiti if mentioned in a conversation am quite sure one female wouldn’t pop up easily and therefore with Rap Music itself that’s where a few are fairing. And as a sort of notion many rappers in and out of Uganda have painted a females role in society negatively and highly degrading, which is a disease eating real hip hop.

In the words of Mc Lite You May try to get the picture below

it is all summarized in this Quote:

“It has gotten to the point that we have been subjected to such harsh verbal treatment 

— assassinated even — that who would want to listen?” —MC Lite

Quote Adapted from  NPR.org

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You can Now rap and sing along to ‘Mama Let’s Talk’-Luganda Xlz Ft Nemesis (Lyrics + Audio)

Lyrics to Mama Let’s Talk ft Nemesis

Let’s talk you and me yeah
Mama let’s talk you and me

Verse 1
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
She’s heaven-sent my guardian angel/
Words can’t explain the whole depth/
But amma try coz my thoughts just won’t rest/
Look for nine months to 19th October/
She endured more than just weight on her shoulder/
I mean, even after she birthed me/
Coiled me and gave me her chest when i was thirsty/
She was my ultimate host see/
Yeyampa olulimi nedobbozi/
Taught me my first lessons from her lap/
Played with me just like a kitten and a cat/
And when i was uncomfortable i would raise hell/
And damn she wouldn’t rest till i laid well/
That’s why i look at you in awe and honor/
Nga bwensaba Katonda obulamu bwo gwe Mama

Chorus *2
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga

Verse 2
Owe’kkobe ayazalila ab’engo/
When i started crawling i nearly made her brains blow/
It was always kakali kakali/
Man i ain’t wanna chill down properly/
Nga olwo nzijula enfuufu/
And you didn’t get tired of cleaning me the truth’s you/
Did it all and more than what i understand/
Look at me maa you done made a man/
That’s why i gotta pass on your legacy/
Your hustle love and care till the death of me/
Am talking past longevity/
Everyone should respect this i don’t care your pedigree/
Kano kaabuli mukyala alinga gwe/
The single moms and i don’t care if it does not play/
How i wish i could control karma/
Nkuwe buli kilungi kyewegomba Mama

Chorus *4
(Luganda XLz)
They always say that am your favourite, nange gwe ansingila
Twogele, tuseke, tuzanyemu, nga bwetwalinga
Nga bwetwali mubuto, twogele

Dedicated to the most lovable Ms. Nanteza Yudaya

Listen or Download Below


 The single is off Telling My Story an album from Port Bell drive which has so far had contributions from rappers like The Sphynx, Mickey Solow and Mc Wang Jok. On this one he features Nemesis who does a good execution for the track with his hook. It’s a dedication probably to his mother if we are not mistaken it is Ms. Nanteza Yudaya. Enjoy the song!

Enygma, Play 01, The Sphynx, Rudende and others share thoughts on #TuckerVsCode on Severely Yours Tv

If you are reading this you must be knowing about the beef between Tucker + Benny Black vs CODE that was much fueled with the release of Black Monday and Later CBTS NOT TO FORGET  H.I.T.S 2.0 which wrapped it all. In case you don’t know about the INTERNET breaking event i wonder where you are- i mean the beef shadowed a number of events in the country for example Navio had a collaboration song with King Kaka Released last week!

So Severe on his Exclusive got together different rappers ( that is Enygma, Play o1 and The Sphynx) and other personalities in media like Mr Skillz and Rudended (of X Fm) to share there thoughts. Enygma and The Sphynx found it entertaining and quite motivational that the rappers served us with highly lyrical tracks last week. Play 01 who seemingly quotes Benny Black in his opinion that the beef was good but the reactions werent much called for ( his statement is the version of Benny’s lines on Black monday: )

Rudende sounds sort of surprised and well in his words may be ”We were taken for a ride” and Dennis Assimwe found it hilarious and he believes it was ‘Manufactured’ and as a gimmick it was probably clever and with time it will be more transparent.

Listen to All these via Severely Yours TV


Episode2|HUL :The Importance of Hip Hop events+ a peep into the Hip Hop Invitational (Interviews with Enygma x The SPhynx & AJO)

As promised! Episode Two of Hip Hop Uganda Live is Here finally. On this one i will be taking you through various importances of Hip Hop events which include animation of music through performances, strengthening of the genre, easy outreach of the artist and also a healthy experience is encountered at these events. You are better off informed if you download this episode there is a surprise interview with Enyma, The Sphynx and AJO.


This is Episode Two, a dedication to hip hop events. NuveySHAWN goes a head to talk about the importance of HipHop Events and why you need to be part of them or even create one.


Alternative Player: 




TheSphynx and TheGinsu Clarify they “Can have cake and eat it” on Pound for Pound(New Song)

On a Samurea beat, these two femcees have started 2016 with a new heart hitting song Pound for Pound. The song is one of those songs that you might want to appreciate better if you didn’t look for the side story(if it is there anyway) and you simply get down to looking at the lyrical artistry of The Sphynx and The Ginsu.

I can Have my cake and eat it

The Sphynx of course delivers on this one and showing her ever developing lyrical dexterity to assure a probable hater or beefer, thats why cake is chosen over beef. She comes out with a bossy state of mind which serves her right when she delivers. The Ginsu on the Other hand seems more of an experimental person on this one, she gives the song what it needs- a hook! And still drops her bars that are intended to be volatile to agree more with the theme of the song.

In total it feels like a show performance where The half Lady half beast brings out The Ginsu which is an awesome mental image. Nonetheless its an amazing track, 2016 has started off at least with a femcee song within its first weeks and they ” enjoyed making it”- The Sphynx


Written By Ayella NuveySHAWN


Top Hip-Independence Day play list tracks (Independence Day Play list)

First of all happy independence day to every body, Ugandan out of the country and is reppin the country through hiphop and Poetry we salute you.

That aside we came up with a list of tracks that we believe inspire us into Loving Ugandan hiphop music and poetry as well. Based in no systematic order.

So Ug by The Mith, this song was released a few years ago and inspired the slogan So UG , hashtag #SoUg followed and so much.

256-PATROBAS it would be a crime to forget this one infact i chose to have the video linked here. When i was asked who Patrobas is a year ago by someone who was inquistive about UG music i told this person “he is that ‘coming out of the 256 guy’ you know the guy” well explaining was hars.

256 is one of those hiphop songs that elevate you into liking to engrave the pearls area code on your back or chest. The spittin on this track was some type away.
Watch below:

Kyendi kyendi-Sylvester n Abramz. This was a sensational song in the mid 2000s that entailed self awareness. The title is a luganda phrase that means I am who i am for that reason we are Ugandan and a hiphop loving country too.(audio below is the remix )

FREEDOM-Ruyonga ft Mo-Roots & The Sphynx not so long ago Ruyonga released his Victory Music project that featured this song, it is still fresh as it sounds poetic as well.

Home Town-AJO it is off AJO’s debut mixsape Rap Music I Sing which is a favorited song to many. The energy on the song is so remarkable as he uplifts his home town kumi. One thing about this song is that it represents the urban life loving Ugandan.



Listen here

UG ON MY CHEST II- Tucker HD ft Benny Black and Sonny Sowez The other version of Ug on My Chest with Tucker and Jay Arc is also a nice one. This version had rotation too.

Not in My Country- Enygma
It is off his Mixtape: The Enygma Machine the song highlights the struggles of a Ugandans especially the youth. As they grow and go through school and lifes’ struggles.

Nva Ntinda-St Nelly Sade this track justifies the fact that rappers are  still proud of their towns and are willing to represent where they are from. The Lyricist paints a picture of his beloved Ntinda(a kampala suburb)
Ps all Songs about Ntinda we recognise them too.
Ntinda boy- Paid in Full
Ntinda-Llyboc and more.


NGALO (HANDS UP)NAVIO yes put your hands up for Ugandas independence and think about the 2009-12s a time when Ugandan hiphop was on a  steady fast rise.

Side zeno- Pryce Teeba Many may want to dispute however whats a celebration without a tune to get you in motion. This song was released about three months ago and has continued to make many love their music and infact Ugandan hiphop.

There is so much Ugandan hip hop out there and we cant satisfy there is more that makes you feel so Ugandan. And for a matter of clarity Listen to Futuristic Past by S T R A P the whole album has Uganda thrown here and there. The Review is coming soon though.
Listen here Strap is a Ugandan rapper based in The US, Kansas.

Rewind of the Day: Omukwano by The Sphynx ft Jua

The Sphynx is one of the new femcees so far in the rap game whose presence is being slept on by many. About three months ago i had an interview with her about the femcee state and more you can get the podcast here.

OMUKWANO is one of her most successful singles which had rounds on the air waves on most urban radio stations. She is a well composes artist passionate about hiphop and i think has a crush on Lupe Fiasco(Download the interview and find out).

Its a three part interview

The half lady Half beast as she is well described, On this song she features Jua to talk to this man some sense and showing him she is fly as a bowing jet.


Listen to it below