Who Can I Trust? (Poem)

Who Can I Trust?

Wonder What people are ?

What they think

And why they are chameleons

Why is it so hard to understand someone

Yet easy to go back at them

What are humans made of?

Blood or ink?

You choose.

Why would you smile at me today

And frown the next morning?

Yet Your as hard as a ROCK inside!

Why would you come into my life today

And leave the next

Like am a toilet

For you to come in and walk out any

time you feel like

Am human for crying out loud

Don’t dare knock and enter

Study me, know me, make me trust you

Yet your going to be a JUDAS tomorrow.

Well, serves me right …. i guess.

But no, am innocent why?

Why do you have to make me miserable

Look like a fool in front of everyone

Am just so tired and fade up.

God show me who is and who not to trust,

Who to and who not to bring close.

I will be GRATEFUL.

*****Lyn Mugisha*****

I Know the Language Your eyes Hear [Poem inspired by Stella Nyanzi]

In the most unprecedented events that happened at Makerere University, on Monday, 18 April of one academic, Stella Nyanzi who stripped naked as a protest to reclaim office and left many  mesmerized, confused, shocked and contemplative. The story is quite so not  hip hop or  not at all poetry. Click here for the full story. However creative minds are always on the look out, a poem graced our in-box written in reaction to the event as a rhetoric to what this specific poet felt about the situation. It is wiser to let the piece speak for its self.


I Know the Language Your eyes Hear 

Close thy chambers O ye,

Hold the keys to thy door of unkempt revolts,

Till the time of grace, unleashes the mysteries in thy house

remove the wax in thy ears and listen to the brewing chaos

Of the accumulated degrees on thy stewards academic head

That contrasts the moralists head

Should the pedagogues refrain from logic and sense?

Upon this; shall the plant shed off her leaves one by one

And treat you to a spectacle of bareness

By Decimon Wandera

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Rewind of The Day: Dreaming in Color | ‘Slept on Poetry’

Dreaming in Color – This is most likely the most slept on track/poem on GNL Zamba’s Album, Dreaming In Color. The  album has amazing tracks like Voom Voom, Tebangatika , and others, but for the deepest of poeticalness this title track is deal and rich. With a well orchestrated production and back dropping instruments that enable him to talk about the hard life in “the Ghettos” or any unprivileged place.

You Know him with the metaphors and punch lines, and well he blesses this one with both English and Luganda lines.

Listen Below:

Written By: Ayella N Robert

Kelele @Makerere Poetry Night is a Poetic Noise hosted every fortnight Friday at MUK Art Gallery

By the name of the this ever-growing poetry night one is immediately struck by the employment of rhyme and insightfully a glimpse of what transpires at Makerere’s Art gallery is boldly embedded in the title Kelele At Makerere. A night that was inspired and started by a Legal Student Donald Maasa and his colleagues in 2015’s last quarter is aimed at changing the view people have about the prestigious University.

Makerere University is synonymous with Kelele which loosely translates to noise from Swahili and according to Donald the poetry night is aimed at giving poets and related artists to create a rather distinct sound which in his words loves to call “poetic noise”. The event takes place every fortnight on a Friday and as i write this, it is only two days to the next event/ poetry night. A number of renowned acts have graced this steady growing and insightful event like Fagil Mandy(former UNEB Chairman), Slim MC(poet,spoken word artist) and others. The future of this event seems so bright as so many of the poets are determined to share their spoken truth on a number of diverse topics including politics, love and other socially burning topics.

The beauty of Kelele @ Makerere is that from its inception numbers have increased and most importantly the theme driven nights give the different nights purpose. The poets are often joined by Spoken word artists and rappers too to give the noise a higher sense of poeticalness. Surprisingly there is no fee charged to the different performances or nights for it is totally free and the only fee is UShs 0/= plus your presence. A small collection is only asked from well wishers and open to anyone who enjoys poetic noise.

For anyone interested in a poetry night that is so far well-coordinated and dedicated to change the views people have about Makerere University and Life generally(since these poets deliver from points of view that are from different walks of life), Kelele should be on your menu. The event takes place at Makerere Art Gallery at the School of Industrial and Fine Art from 7 pm-10 pm.

For this week of Women’s day on Friday 11 2016 there will be a Night to celebrate Women/females in general through a lot of poetry.


@NuveySHAWN celebrates one year of The SunSet N’counter Mixtape and born day with ‘Poetry Isn’t Misery’ snippet

It is one year today since  The SunSet N’counter Mixtape was released by  NuveySHAWN  aka Ayella N. Robert (Chief Blogger here at NuveyLIVE, poet, occasional rapper and Teacher) on his birthday last year 28-02-2015 which served as his Debut tape and introduction to recording music for a wider audience. The mixtape had one successful single R.H.O.D.A. STATE which got its first spin on MisterDeejay’s Saturday Mix Show on Radiocity 97 FM. The tape according to SHAWN “was more of an experimental project which had him experiment and experience with different sounds including classic Pop, Rock and other all fused to form the body of work.”

The mixtape commonly hash-tagged by him as #TSN had 16 tracks including the Outro,  Inner View which is actual  interview with his long-term friend Anonymous that was never theorized actually actually inspired later on the formation of NuveyLIVE and the podcast HUL.

TSN was also a point NuveySHAWN was proving to himself and this explains  why he released the work on his birthday , which to him was celebrating growth in all spheres of his life and therefore to show a continuous growth and development he released a teaser or snippet of Poetry Isn’t Misery. The snippet is part of the SHAWNESDAY project which is a compilation of 85 % spoken word performances or poetic tracks. He first performed this poem about four months ago at a Poetry Night at Makerere University’s Art Gallery which i watched him perform vibrantly and of course we were surprised that he put out a snippet today.

The poem that in synced with punk-rock influenced and inspired sounds from the instruments is uniquely a new sound you will expect from SHAWN and therefore this might be an indicator of completion of  SHAWNESDAY : My Evenings With You Compilation or #SMEWY.


Download Link (2.2 mbs)

Purple Vision Cover art

#HappyValentinesDay | Poem: Purple Vision by Lyn Mugisha off the Dolphin Enterprise EP

Love in the air ain’t ? Happy Valentine’s Day our esteemed readers and followers we wish to thank you for the continued support and love we appreciate you  a lot. That being said we are humbled to present and announce Dolphin Enterprise which is a NuveyLIVE EP that is under construction or creation and Purple Vision is the first piece off it by Lyn Mugisha (Poet and Writer with NuveyLIVE) This project will have poets, rappers and spoken word artists contributing and writing about topics such as love, belonging and unity of a society. This is aimed at raising some funds that will go to any Charity that we can identify upon completion of the EP.


Purple Vision

He still remembers his first.

He remembers your first smile

That day, that morning! The sparkle you had in your beautiful eyes

Those round big white balls!

He thought it was a dream.

You gave him the joy he could ever ask for

You gave him the world, you gave him hope

His first, forever and last

His only gift that day and forever was his HEART

He promised it would always be yours till death do you part.

On such a day, the only gift

He still hopes is worth in his heart, his whole, his everything

His Rose, his lily, his only smiley

Forever his Valentine! His violet! His Imaginary Love!

By Lyn Mugisha


About the Poet: Lyn Mugisha is a poet, teacher, writer and Editor who works closely with NuveyLIVE Check some of her articles here

The audio to this poem will be out next month according to the schedule that we have designed and be sure to catch it in time when a link is available. The poem is so far the first entry to the Dolphin Enterprise EP which we so much hope to put out soon and as a way of showing our gratitude we hope you have enjoyed the poem and feel free to leave a comment below.


LYN101: Why isn’t poetry so much consumed by People?

Poetry is a form of literature that uses rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meanings in addition in place of the prosaic ostensible meaning. Poetry or its devices reflect so much in many songs out there, and hip hop music and poetry share similar qualities often. Many rappers employ poetic devices such as imagery to deliver their messages. It’s a class of literature consisting of  poems in different forms such as sonnets, Lyric, free verse and more. William Wordsworth has it as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.(preface to lyrical Ballads)

Poetry can be differentiated according to Genres:

  • -epic
  • -comic
  • -tragic

First things first, before one consumes, appreciates Something, they have to love it, be exposed to it, inspired to/ by it, it has to have an effect (positively). People are not supposed to be forced to like, love, appreciate something Just like a Rose azalea( flower), it has to come about naturally.
A case in point is one cannot fall for someone they do not know, it has to be someone they have known for quite a while not just out of the blue.
Same goes for poetry, i would not love it for anything if am not exposed just as early. True!, people learn too but if they are inspired and informed about what they are missing, only then can they give an ear/eye. It is passion that drives someone to do something, just like reading, writing anything poetic or to do with poetry. It comes about naturally!
An all time saying “You cannot have everything” so does it apply “you cannot love everything.”  & “One man’s meat is another mans poison.”

So why is poetry not so much consumed by people?

It Has a lot  to do with the passion, love, drive, will, exposure, Education. People love music, why dont they go to clubs just like others do… simple “choice” reverse that.

  • Exposure: if one is not exposed as earlier to anything(Poetry) , one wont turn 90 for them to love it, the earlier the better. If people were really exposed to poetry and encouraged to like it as early as possible (about 7 years), chances are so high they decide on whether or not to follow or go for it, One learns, appreciates, loves, and supports if they are exposed. The world we live in today is “money minded”, people care so much to know whether or not a penny would be thrown in their pants after relating with an art form like poetry. Question in point “Why waste my ink, strain my eyes, after all their is  no benefit” This is where principality calls for Principles count here.
  • Education too plays a major role. Some people are lucky to be taught poetry in schools, if others don’t get the same chance, t counts y they don’t consume poetry even after school. Talk about the topics to be covered “mob or small” to others it counts, some don’t like reading long pieces of work.
  • laziness. Some people are just lazy when it comes  to reading, naturally people don’t really hope to read long pieces. Minor as it may seem, poetry is not consumed because some poems are such a bore, ” yes, like others may say, one mans meat……” So why would  they continue appreciating poetry if what they read was a bore to them. At least that’s what they think.

NOTE: Poetry centuries ago was performed in front of audiences and it was more of a listening part than it is right now. The influences of education sort of limited it to the written form which to many “its a bore”.

There are few poetry nights in the country, but the few that take place happen at Uganda National theater, Gatto Matto, and other places.

CONNECT WITH US: Send us a poem today, written or recited in audio or video we will review it and share it.

Article by: Lyn Mugisha Originally Posted on our old Blog


Rewind of the day: Watch Peter Kagayi perform, ‘A Society That Thinks That it Thinks’

Last year i think if am to recall, around October i happened to meet Peter Kagayi in person or lets say saw him perform at an event at Makerere University, The Literature Association Poetry Night. I was moved by his energy and involvement of his audience while performing. A Society That Thinks It Thinks is yet another piercing poetry piece from him. The former president of Latern Meet for Poets on this has the audience so much involved as he questions the views that society wants us to have always.

“Peter Kagayi performed this poem during the 2015 Writivism Festival Awards ceremony, much to the applause of the crowd” Source : Magunga Williams

Watch Below:

Or Download Audio instead!



George the Poet asks, who is fit to Lead? (spoken word Prod by Mike256)

As we move closer to the 2016 Ugandan elections so many issues have been raised here and there. Bana Mutibwa being among the few activists to speak about politics boldly we have another quite objective spoken word piece Fit to lead from George the Poet. This poem serves as an iniative to use poetry to speak to the masses to try scan their selections.

George presents to us the motion of reflection as regards the candidates seeking our votes or our support. With the amazing work of Mike256 (formely known as Play) this production allows George to deliver his views with a story telling. Events highlighted are of the most competitive three presidential candidates ( incumbent President Museveni, Dr. Kiiza Besiege and Amama Mbabazi without subjecting the intention of the argument. And so to bring forth the rhetoric who is fit to lead? 

Written and Performed by GEORGE MPANGA Produced by MICHAEL MATOVU 

Additional Vocals/Lyrics by TONYA AHENDA
Additional Guitar by DAVID RUJOJO

Source : Mike256